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    MQA Deep Dive - I published music on tidal to test MQA

    ... and still no explanation of how converting a 16/44.1 track to MQA makes it better than the source.
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    MQA Deep Dive - I published music on tidal to test MQA

    I would really like to see an analysis of MQA encoding of 16/44.1 files. As you point out, there's no ultrasonic data to encode. There's also no > 16 bit content to save. To my simple mind, there's no audible benefit to MQA processing of 16/44.1, so the benefits must lie elsewhere.
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    MQA Deep Dive - I published music on tidal to test MQA

    I'm confused... I don't see how this could be. You download the "Hifi" and "Master" versions, one turns on the MQA indicator when you play it, the other doesn't. The bitstream that turns on the MQA indicator is embedded in the audio, so how can the files be bit identical?
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    MQA Deep Dive - I published music on tidal to test MQA

    GoldenOne posted somewhere the multiple error messages that he was sent when he queried why his original track wasn't processed. I can't find them. Can anyone please point me to them? I think there may be useful insight to be gained into the workings of the encoder by analysing the errors.
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    PGGB - upsampling with billions of taps

    My first thought on reading was "Oh no, not again..." remastero - PCM reimagined In short, it's a tool for upsampling to the maximum rate supported by your DAC using filters with millions or billions of taps. There's a thread over at Audiophile Style. Extraordinary claims made...
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    Likely the Youtube clip audio is bad. From a CD rip:
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    The live version is worth a watch for sheer spectacle...
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    Corvus Corax's "O Varium Fortune" () has bass organ down to 22 Hz. "Squonk" by Genesis () sounds deep but only goes down to 37 Hz. "The Current" by the Blue Man Group () goes down to 19 Hz. "Turn Of The Century" (Yes) by Annie Haslam () 33 Hz.
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    Handy hint: When examining bass with Audacity's spectrogram functions, set the window size to the maximum supported. (32768 or 65536.)
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    Weird Cars Thread

    The onomatopoeiac "S-Cargo".
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    Low-frequency Hum in my house.

    Some modern smartphones appear to have DSP based noise cancellation. I was video chatting with my daughter, and she turned on a vacuum cleaner. It was loud for a couple of seconds, then faded away to silence. I could still hear her speaking, although it was somewhat choppy and distorted. I...
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    Low-frequency Hum in my house.

    I have no suggestions for the source of the sound, just a suggestion for anyone who might find themselves with a requirement for using a smartphone for recording. Smartphone microphones aren't optimised for full-range recording. I use a cheap lapel microphone with a smartphone plug - it has the...
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    Are we heading for a time when all CDs will be MQA coded - no redbook available?

    Almost all radio stations play music from compressed files on servers... MP3 bitrates and encoder quality have come a long way since 2002.
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    A Call For Humor!

    Reminds me of... My wife told me to stop singing Wonderwall. I said "Maybe..."
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    Bose QuietComfort 35 II Review (Noise Cancelling Headphone)

    I've stood next to a "silent" trailer-mounted air compressor as used for powering jackhammers while wearing NC headphones. With the NC on, I had near silence in my ears while my chest cavity was vibrating to the sound of the compressor. This was with an old set of Blackbox (Phitek) headphones...
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    Death by Production

    My copy of "St. Anger" came with a second CD containing the album recorded in their practice room during rehearsals. I only listen to the rehearsal version.
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    Can you really hear the sound details over 20kHz?

    Of course, but since you claim to be a scientist we likewise expect you to support your assertion. And since yours is the extraordinary claim, you go first.
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    Feel the bass

    50,000 moshing people generate a lot of shaking too: (Western Springs is an outdoor amphitheatre built on low-lying ground. I've been there a few times, when the crowd gets pogo-ing the ground flexes...
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    16-bit... It really is enough!

    I believe you're both right. It depends on how many tracks you need to record at once. Classical tends to need fewer tracks than rock / pop and thus is more likely to be 24/96.
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    MQA: A Review of controversies, concerns, and cautions

    Indeed. If MQA were the only way that labels would release such material, with "white glove" mastering, I'd be all for it. But what is actually released is simple batch conversions of existing "destroyed" tracks.
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