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    FS: THX AAA 789

    I bought the amp late 2019, as the last batch of "Massdrop"-branded ones, instead of "DROP". Everything is included. I'm selling my headphone gears as I'm now listening to studio monitors. I'd like to get $220 via PayPal (shipping and fee included), or $200 local cash (around ZIP 94066, CA...
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    Obtained it first hand in late 2019; the unit is in great condition with all original accessories and packagings. I have only used <10 times. Amazon now is selling it at $99.99.
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    [SOLD] [US-SF Bay Area] JDS Labs Atom amplifier [SOLD] and Topping D70 DAC [SOLD]

    I'd like to sell a JDS Labs Atom Headphone Amplifier ($50, SOLD) and a Topping D70 DAC ($200, SOLD). They were both purchased just two months ago and are in great condition, with all original boxes & manuals included. The MSRPs are $99 and $499.99, respectively. Some bargaining is possible...
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