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  1. wje

    Small Rant: Sales of Used Audio Gear

    My rant is one that I'm sure many of you can relate to. When I post audio gear for sale locally, I tend to price it quite realistically. Yet, as the years go by, the selling conditions seem to get worse. Buyers think it's on open marketplace and can offer silly lowball offers and think...
  2. wje

    McIntosh MC-7270 Amplifier Find

    I came across a "barn find" a few days back. A McIntosh MC-7270 power amplifier from 1991. It weighs in at 82 Lbs., puts out 270 watts per channel at 8 Ohms. It was sold as a non-working unit. In 1991, it sold for $2,499 and those that are still available today, sell in the range of $3,500+...
  3. wje

    Potential "New" Elac Debut Reference Speaker?

    In some of my travels, I came across this image - which appears to be from the Debut Reference line. There appears to be some modification to the tweeter waveguide system - or, it could be the same one utilized with the Debut Reference DBR62, but use with a smaller woofer (5.25" ?). Or, could...
  4. wje

    Speaker Baffles - We've Been Doing it all Wrong

    I was browsing my local listings on Facebook Marketplace this evening and stumbled upon these gems. Who needs time alignment for their drivers, when one can have so much visual "bling" on their baffles coated with pieces of old, broken CDs? o_O:eek::cool:
  5. wje

    IOTAVX SA3 Integrated Amplifier

    After having many thoughts of some system changes that I wanted to apply, I took the plunge and ordered the IOTAXV SA3 integrated amplifier. It's currently out of stock, but should begin shipping again from the UK towards the middle of next week. I've been following many of the You Tube...
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