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    Dual Opposed Subwoofer & Room Acoustics

    Ok, so I need a subwoofer for my main system. What sold me was the addition of one to my office system, which, shockingly, had a bigger effect on the midrange than on the actual low end energy for the purposes of music. I want to see what my main speakers can do when freed up from sub duty. I...
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    Genelec HTS4B Subwoofer Alternatives?

    Ok, so I’m looking at a sub for my main system, a trifield of Meridian DSP 5200.2 + SVS Ultra Center speakers in a room about 8m x 7m, with 5m tall ceiling. I found an HTS4B sub from Genelec on sale nearby, manufactured in 2014, and it looks awesome. So the question: if this sub is $1000, and...
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    Crossfeed for Nearfield Listening

    My office system is currently nearfield. A couple of DBR62 speakers mounted with tweeters at ear level perhaps 1m from head and a 7060B under the desk. Everything is room corrected and PEQ - it's a perfect Harman curve from 20Hz to 20,000Hz, at least at any SPL I'm planning to use while...
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    Subwoofers & Midrange Quality

    I've googled around a bit, but found no particularly satisfying explanation for something I'm observing subjectively. On my desk, I have a pair of ELAC DBR-62, driven by a pair of NC400 (DIY) monoblocks. I've owned this speakers for a bit, and I got familiar with them in this very environment...
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    Genelec 7060B Amplifier Replacement

    So I’ve bought a 7060B for a small office system with DBR62 for main speakers, driven by a pair of Hypex NC400 monoblocks. I’m going to integrate it with the DBR62 using the built in adjustable gain and crossover, but I don’t anticipate needing any other features of the sub, I bought it at a...
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