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    Worst and best bad movies you've every accidentally watched?

    No, but it's on my list now! I really had focused on his documentary work until I stumbled upon Fitzcarraldo, and it's clear I have underestimated his non-documentary work!
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    Worst and best bad movies you've every accidentally watched?

    Fitzcarraldo. Best movie we just stumbled upon. A movie that will never be made again, and, though I like the other Herzog I’ve seen, it’s unlike anything else Herzog.
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    Introducing Directiva - An ASR open source platform speaker project

    Cool speaker! Looks a bit like a DSP3200 from Meridian!
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    Help: Old Meridian G91, 585, and 861 for Surround Digital+Analogue Output

    Ahh ok I get it. my statement above applied to a newer processor with the Ethernet speakerlink ports. I know nothing about the older ones, but I can confirm that spdif, analogue, and speakerlink on my processor are all live at the same time for output. I am fairly certain you can make the...
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    Help: Old Meridian G91, 585, and 861 for Surround Digital+Analogue Output

    Yes - the digital and analogue outputs can be used simultaneously, I do that in my system. Meridian gear is super flexible if you’re willing to do some work. Check out meridian-unplugged forums, they have more excellent resources for this kind of thing.
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    Schiit Jotunheim 2 Review (DAC & Headphone Amp)

    As an extremely happy Modius + Magnius owner, I do not understand this product at all!
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    Installing ground at home a quick and simple way

    Yeah, it’s quite simple actually - get one or two ground rods, 5+ft long and copper, and drive them into the ground, leaving an inch or two exposed. Get two ground rod conductor clamps, affix those to each rod, and run a 10ga solid copper wire between the two rods to connect them. get some...
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    Meridian active loudspeakers

    5200.2 set here for my main system. I love them. If they ever break, I’ll be rebuilding them, but they work like a champ and have since 2008. Happy to answer any questions!
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    Bike Advice

    I second this. Get a trainer or use rollers. I personally use rollers on my road bike, and I don’t have to do a thing to use it outdoors whenever I want.
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    Brian Eno 3 speaker setup, Hafler circuit, etc.

    I run a trifield setup on my Meridian system, just three main speakers, and it’s really darn good. The algorithm is different than that described here (and digital, so there’s no amplifier shorting issue), but I can vouch for “stereo+” kinda setups sounding great from a two channel source material.
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    Speakers suggestion for 35m^2 living room

    I do cross over to the ELACs at 85hz, and I don’t use the LFE +10 in operation, though I did toggle that one to calibrate the phase when I first set it up. There’s a good guide on this in the Genelec “previous models” section of their website. The reason I haven’t messed much with the level...
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    Genelec 8330A vs 8030C

    I would personally buy the 8030C and do your own room correction. They’re both extremely competent speakers.
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    Speakers suggestion for 35m^2 living room

    Missed the second part, sorry. I wouldn’t consider this sub an alternative to a home theater sub in a large room. It’s definitely purpose built for a studio or office system, but it’s very good at that. The inbuilt crossover is handy, the dip switches make it pretty flexible, and you can EQ the...
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    Speakers suggestion for 35m^2 living room

    Left channel into left, right into right, then left to left monitor (amp, for me) and right to right monitor (amp, for me). the sum LFE is a different thing, not recommended. It’s really for adding subs to the chain, if I remember correctly. You’re meant to use the actual left/right connections...
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    Speakers suggestion for 35m^2 living room

    DIY pair of Hypex NC400 monoblocks. They’re easy to assemble and sound amazing. Highly recommended with the DBR62.
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    Speakers suggestion for 35m^2 living room

    Genelec 7060B. Room is 12x14ft, ceilings are 12ft, and I’m listening at about 1m.
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    Speakers suggestion for 35m^2 living room

    I use a Genelec sub with my DBR62 passives run through a Hypex NC400. Signal path is DAC >> Genelec Sub >> NC400 >> DBR62 ... this obviously isn't quite what was intended, since these are passive speakers and off brand, but the REW measurements show it to be without compromise. I didn't have to...
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    KEF Q150 vs. Elac DBR62

    I’ve heard the Q350, and I own the DBR62. I haven’t compared them back to back, but ill put a vote in for the DBR62. I love these things. They’re my desktop nearfield speakers, and they’re amazing.
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    $100 Roon Bridge Endpoint: Raspbery Pi & HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro

    As a person who has had a bunch of these hats, I can attest to a couple things: 1. They're great. They all sound pretty good (I've bought the Hifiberry XLR, Digi+Pro, Allo Signature). 2. Even better is just getting a Raspberry Pi 4 and installing Ropieee and hooking that up to a USB DAC. This is...
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    Concrete DIY Line Arrays and Subs

    Very cool! Did you measure their FR?
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