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  1. Rottmannash

    Need A Wireless Sub Transmitter

    I can't place subs near my AVR and need a wireless solution. I've seen Emotiva has one. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions?
  2. Rottmannash

    Aprils Fool

    Funny piece on Audioholics today. Had me going for a minute.
  3. Rottmannash

    Broken-Can It Be Replaced?

    I have this nice IEM cable that had the plastic black separator ring break off and now it won't go into any 3.5 mm socket. How hard would it be to replace this plug?
  4. Rottmannash

    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    Highly recommend the TTB Fireside concert series. Looks great in 4k and the sound is sublime. This is why we spend so much on our systems.
  5. Rottmannash

    Worth Anything?

    I was cleaning out a closet last night and found these 3 items that I have had for a long time. the NAD 6240 deck won't play but it turns on. The Denon TU-450 works fine and the Sony TC-RX70ES works but only in reverse play mode. Can't attach pics due to the limit on file size.
  6. Rottmannash

    Interesting Article

    Saw this on Stereophile's site last night.
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