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    PGGB - upsampling with billions of taps

    My first thought on reading was "Oh no, not again..." remastero - PCM reimagined In short, it's a tool for upsampling to the maximum rate supported by your DAC using filters with millions or billions of taps. There's a thread over at Audiophile Style. Extraordinary claims made...
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    Truth in (audio) advertising - long gone

    Someone posted a link to a 1978 edition of Wireless World, in the Intermodulation thread. An advertisement caught my eye: "If QUAD amplifiers are so perfect, why does it still sound better in the concert hall? In real life, the sounds from all the instruments and sometimes parts thereof are...
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    Magnetic fields can make you enjoy music more "Scientists have tracked down the bit of the brain that gives you goosebumps and chills when you hear music you love. ... Researchers discovered that the fronto-striatal circuits of the brain can be stimulated to make someone enjoy the music...
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    Schiit Audio: Marketing vs Engineering

    Split from the Introductions thread: I was surprised to see Schiit in the list because all their marketing material that I've seen has been almost devoid of any puffery or woo, in contrast to the other companies in your list. To use your example of USB decrapifiers, the marketing material...
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    So you thought you'd never find a gift for the man who has everything...
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    Mag-Lev turntable kickstarter

    I had a facepalm moment when I saw this... I think it creates more problems than it purports to solve.
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    HD Vinyl Is Coming... The original article in German:
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