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  1. BDWoody

    All things in Moderation - the ASR approach

    Given the sometimes freewheeling nature of this unique forum, the way we approach 'Moderation' is somewhat different than many are accustomed to. It can seem a bit messy sometimes (because it is), it can seem like threads have a hard time staying strictly on track (because they do), and it can...
  2. BDWoody

    Finally, an in home vinyl cutter.

    Just what we've been needing! Finally, a convenient way to convert all that troublesome digital music.
  3. BDWoody

    Stylus Wear evaluation: "Cat's eye" method

    So I came across this thread the other day, which shows a method to evaluate the extent of wear on a stylus. Seemed simple enough, so I set up my cheap little LCD scope and thought I'd check my...
  4. BDWoody

    Texas School for the Deaf Football Team - Bass Drum for count

    I saw that this team won their state title last night, and thought some might find this pretty cool. I wonder who has a subwoofer that could properly replicate this. More about the team here for those interested.
  5. BDWoody

    Friendly political threads please.

    There are plenty of places to go for all the debate/discussion you can handle. Hoping this one post can keep it from even starting. That's it! Thanks all... Let's keep it a politics free zone, as best we can.
  6. BDWoody

    Any Terence Tao fans? Royal Irish Academy talk today.

    I don't know if this makes sense to post here, but I thought there might be a few in this audience who would enjoy hearing one of the true brilliant mathematical minds in the world today give a talk. That's all...
  7. BDWoody

    Audio Equipment pass-around?

    So, Many of us have a range of audio equipment that we either aren't using at the moment, or we just aren't using at all with no plans to use it again in the short to medium term, but have no plans to sell. Would there be any interest in creating a database of sorts, with the equipment that is...
  8. BDWoody

    Free Online Concert tonight

    If anyone else is looking for something to do...
  9. BDWoody

    TiVo is having a big promotion... They are offering significant discounts on several of their boxes, including huge discounts on lifetime service. I've never used their platform, but might give it a try. I notice optical out on several boxes, which is never a bad thing. I don't see these mentioned as a...
  10. BDWoody

    No objective reality...? Maybe everybody is entitled to their own private Idaho after all...?
  11. BDWoody

    Article on how perception of octaves is learned, not wired.

    Some recent threads have touched on this subject, and I thought it was interesting.
  12. BDWoody

    Optical/laser pickup

    I did a little looking around to see if anyone has used laser technology to read the grooves on vinyl rather than some kind of direct contact stylus, and other than a couple of attempts in the 80's-90's, it looks like it hasn't ever gotten traction. I now see DS audio with an optical...
  13. BDWoody

    Sending back the Vega and the Project Pre Box

    After deciding that I absolutely needed to have the vastly improved presence, clarity, soundstage, and rainbows and unicorns all my days that comes with a shiny new DAC, I poked around and bought a couple for home review. Obviously my 15+ year old Krell Showcase 7.1 DTS, THX ultra certified...
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