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    Revel M16 Speaker Review

    I will revel in the review.
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    What you need to know about the virus in China "2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)"

    I drive for a living. What a pleasure to see light traffic at Firday rush hour.
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    Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf Speaker Review

    So I guess your arguement is that since Xxx is a evil company, everyone should defraud them? This moral relativism is what I was complaining about. You know, our children watch our attitudes and learn from them. No wonder they are so jaded and confused. To each sinner his own sins. The fact...
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    Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf Speaker Review

    The other day I saw someone returning about 20 folding chairs at the Costco. I guess they didn't perform well at last weekend's barbeque. Who does the guy think he's fooling. I would hate to be a manager in retail, and have to refund money with a smile to criminals an parasites.
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    Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf Speaker Review

    Exactly. I have seen so many forum posts like "I ordered 3 camcorders to test, and I will keep one and send back the others..." It makes me wonder what happened to the common morality. Returned items cannot be re-sold as new, or for the new price. It is stealing just as sure as swiping something...
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    Kali Audio IN-8 Studio Monitor Review

    If you guys can sort out your differences, then I think @Jaxx1138 might be a valuable asset and contributor to this forum. I can understand why you, Amir, can be testy, considering the barrage of repeat questions, but that should sort itself out, especially with a sticky thread. However, no need...
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    Meizu Hifi USB-C Headphone Adapter Review

    The Pro was also disappointing when measured by Amir, -120 THD, yet only Sinad around 100db. I was hoping that the test of the non-pro model would show some setting had been wrong or driver issue with the original review of the Pro, but both are performing similarly with regard to noise. I know...
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    A wishlist of gear to be reviewed by Amir

    PSB Alpha P5. Has NRC and Stereophile measurements, would be a good way to check your evolving process. Also, Paul Barton talks about his design process / tradeoffs for this line in an article somewhere.
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    HIDIZS S8 USB-C Headphone Adapter Review

    IVX, Amir measured much poorer S/N on Meizu Pro model. I am wondering if there are different modes on Meizu (both Pro and non-pro)., setable in firmware or software similar to Hidizs hifi mode, microphone mode, etc or ability to change filter type? There has to be an explanation for the...
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    Speaker Upgrades - GR Research

    I used to follow the Madisound speaker designer's forum. GR Research had a very nice reputation as providing good value. Many of the amateur designers on that forum at some point turn it into a small home-based businesses - really labors of love and catering to the community, and sold for a...
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    Announcement: ASR Will Be Measuring Speakers!

    I think that a local university might have provided a suitable space for your machine in a basement somewhere, as well as a supply of technically-minded helpers (students).
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    Announcement: ASR Will Be Measuring Speakers!

    I think that it would be important for the first bunch of speakers measured to be in your ownership or available for easy re-test from local members as you perfect your test / reporting methodology. I'm sure that you will send your first batches of test to the resident speaker experts on this...
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    Topping NX1s Portable Headphone Amp Review

    The Nx1s misses its target market (iems) because of its output impedance, but 50-150 ohm cans would seem to be its sweet spot. Now that I reread the article, 1db down at 30 hz is a bit much.
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    Topping NX1s Portable Headphone Amp Review

    The build quality on NX3S and I presume NX1s is fantastic, and the larger amp's THD+N on a par with JDS Atom, at least at 300 ohms, and within its power envelope. The JDS atom, which I also own, beats it in control of the low end, but at the volumes I listen to, the difference is not that...
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    Topping NX1s Portable Headphone Amp Review

    I also own NX3S and find it quite nice with my HD650's. With a 2V source, don't need to go beyond 3/4 volume. The problem is that unless you couple with a dongle with that output, you are not getting the full benefit. Laptop/phone output is too low. The output impedance is too high for most...
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    Article: Understanding Digital Audio Measurements

    It is a true blessing that you and your wife can have such technical conversations - that there is both the desire and technical ability. My wife also cares that her music sounds good, but in her case that means good enough. She, like most people, is perfectly content to listen to mp3 music on...
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    Yamaha RX-596 Receiver Review

    Did I see a worst case distortion product of -100db in the good channel? (ignoring the mains) Oh, that is good.
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    Yamaha RX-596 Receiver Review

    Thank you for testing my unit Amir, and for the extra work in cleaning it up. I have another one and it sounds very good to me. I was hoping that you would test it with CD Direct, which bypasses the input analog multiplexer, and they claim 112DB S/N. The Pure Direct keeps it in the loop. Only...
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    For those of you looking at used receivers for 2-channel audio, may I suggest Yamaha RX-595 (or RX-597 or RX-770), two such on (items 81367207, 81303127) Typically, much below $100, I bought one for $20 at estate sale, other for $10 at goodwill. Goodwill offers low priced...
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    Denon AVR-X3500H AVR Review

    There is an argument that a receiver should be measured in the way that it is used. For instance, if you have extensive tone controls, with them engaged. This is what most people would do. Most people on this site probably would not, and with good reason. The problem with the measurements on the...
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