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  1. FourOpposums

    Amir's TODO thread

    I believed you mentioned that you had a Google Chromecast to test- many home people who use it for lossless streaming in their house are wondering if the built-in dac is really worse than the external dac they're (I'm) feeding it to. I'm sure Google engineers are good enough to not release...
  2. FourOpposums

    Benefits of balanced dacs, amps and headphones?

    Thanks very much Don and svar-hvitt for the great resources. So, balanced connections can be good for eliminating ground noise if you have it, reducing added harmonics and creating better channel separation. Svar-hvitt's second article says that the channel separation is audible, and...
  3. FourOpposums

    Benefits of balanced dacs, amps and headphones?

    Hi Audio Science Review, first post, nice to meet you. There are a few questions that I've wondered for a while and this seems like a good place to ask. With regards to the balanced headphone craze, people have made claims that I've been wondering if are technically valid. Having never heard...
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