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  1. gene_stl

    Some wisdom from a 1742 microscope expert.

    Viewing microscopical images and Optical illusions Nearly 280 years ago in 1742 Henry Baker FRS, a speech therapist for the deaf and dumb, wrote what is believed to be the first microscope manual – The MICROSCOPE Made Eafy. In Chapter XV, on pages 62-3, entitled Cautions in viewing Objects, he...
  2. gene_stl

    This is worth bookmarking in case CD players become rare.
  3. gene_stl

    New System on Chip from ON semiconductor This thing does alot for $11. The eval board is $632 The list of tricks it does is amazing.
  4. gene_stl

    Olympus selling camera division !! :oops:
  5. gene_stl

    Tesla coil audio

    Toto's Africa on tesla coils Where are the Ionovacs when you need them.
  6. gene_stl

    This came up in another forum but it is quite relevant here. Lirpa Labs

    So at another forum, Audio magazines' recurring April Fool Joke came up. The guy I built my speakers with and I had a lot of sophmoric humor about it and in the late eighties when I represented a computerized engraving machine company I made some Lirpa Labs nameplates engraved on brass for his...
  7. gene_stl

    Have you seen this? Ikea Eneby biamped blue tooth speaker $89 This guy tore one down and photographed it.
  8. gene_stl

    Dr. AIX Mark Waldrep releases Red Book vs Hi Res test. HD Audio Challenge II

    Dr. Mark's CD vs. Hi-Res test Sign up to receive files here. Here is something we can all try out and have some fun with.
  9. gene_stl

    Techmoan Review of Activo CT10

    Techmoan Review of Activo CT10 I enjoy this man's videos because he frequently reviews things that I remember seeing around , and often I didn't look closely at them. He has a very finely tuned ability to describe and critique the user experience with various gadgets he reviews. The DAP he is...
  10. gene_stl

    New chip amps?

    I am not certain how actually new this all is. Nonetheless for your information and amusement...
  11. gene_stl

    Greetings from St. Louis

    Greetings from St. Louis in the center of the USA, I have been an audio nut for about 52 years. In 1998 I moved out of the house were my stereo was and recently moved to a new house with a great room and I am setting up again. I have a lot of classic equipment and I will be expanding to...
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