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  1. daftcombo

    Infinity RS152 Review (Surround Speaker)

    Why no headless panther? Those are the most disastrous measurements I've ever seen on any magazine or website.
  2. daftcombo

    Video on speaker measurements (notably resonance audibility)?

    Yes, a video about resonances would be nice!
  3. daftcombo

    Echo during playback, s.m.s.l. M100 MKll

    Really weird issue. Perhaps you could get a Wifi receiver with whatever digital output you want and connect it to the M100. The PC will send the data via Wifi.
  4. daftcombo

    Gustard x16, bluetooth problems.

    Have you tried using the iPhone & iPad with another BT receiver?
  5. daftcombo

    KH310 passive alternative?

    For 1500 € you can have only one KH310, unless you find a good deal used.
  6. daftcombo

    KH310 passive alternative?

    What is your budget?
  7. daftcombo

    Music: how loud is loud? (video)

    I thought the only thing to know on the topic was...
  8. daftcombo

    Need very small subwoofer

    I would go the other way around: 1) Buy a big subwoofer, then a second one, then a third... etc. until the wife leaves. 2) Just remove the last one bought and tell her she can come back. 3) Problem solved.
  9. daftcombo

    Huge (-10 dB) dip between 200Hz and 300Hz in my room.

    Hi, I would never boost a dip based on in-room measurements, or at least never more than a few dB and with Q < 4 . Some do, but I only get rid of narrow peaks. Can you try throwing some carpets and clothes on the floor between the speaker and you, and measure again?
  10. daftcombo

    This is a typo right

    Something is not clear.
  11. daftcombo

    Dynaudio Special 40 - WTF!

    This is an incredibly dishonest answer. If people who do measurements attack other people who do measurements, where do we go?
  12. daftcombo

    Question about facial recognition and privacy in a post COVID-19 world.

    It is totally as you say. Today: no mask = fine. Before: mask = possible fine. When I put on my black mask just before entering a shop, I feel like I'm a cash robber.
  13. daftcombo

    Review and Measurements of SMSL AD18 DAC & Amp

    I have it, I use it almost daily to watch movies, I've used it via optical and now via USB. I "think" it is better via optical but didn't really try to ABX to see if I can be sure to hear a difference.
  14. daftcombo

    Review and Measurements of Schiit Yggdrasil V2 DAC

    Did you do a level-matched ABX or is it just in your mind?
  15. daftcombo

    Review and Measurements of SMSL AD18 DAC & Amp

    Amir already answered here:
  16. daftcombo

    You have $4000. What speakers do you buy?

    No need to search a subsequent post. In the very first paragraph of the opening post of this thread, OP wrote:
  17. daftcombo

    You have $4000. What speakers do you buy?

    With that kind of reasoning, you can't even be sure that OP asks a question and wants an answer.
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