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    How good are the monitor options with USB Inputs (Airpulse A100, Vanatoo Transparent One, Audioengine)

    Any high marks for the monitor options with USB Inputs (or any other digital input) ? For nearfield listening driven by an iMac, the simplicity has some appeal. I'm going back and forth for my desktop setup but the idea of having a good enough dac built into the speaker would simplify my setup...
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    Genelec 8330A vs 8030C

    Just found out I had a previously unknown credit at Musicians Friend (expiring way too quickly). I've been fussing over a monitor decision on another thread but the Genelec mounting options and size make them attractive and the credit makes the price more so. I steered toward the 8330A to have...
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    Help me find near field wall mount powered monitors - mid price, <10" deep

    That mid-price part rules out the easiest choice of Genelec and of course they have nice looking mounts (granted the mounts are $100 each so as much as a low-end speaker). I need the wall mount due to tight desk space and large displays. I also likely need 10"max unit depth. I'd prefer to stay...
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    Player-Streamer Roundup - Need feedback on yours

    I'm looking for a player/streamer (and Dac too but that seems easier). I want to try some of the high res services as well with a good enough system to hear the difference but have Spotify now (with some local ripped Flac). Some options: Node 2i or NAD 658 Bluesound. I hear mixed things on...
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