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    Active vs Passive pre-amp and optimal impedance matching. Or how to go about optimal volume control for my set up.

    I'm current running a SMSL M200 DAC -> Nobsound NS-05P -> Buckeyeamp NC252MP -> Elac DBR62, all with balanced XLR interconnects. I added the nobsound because going from m200 -> nc252 didn't give me very useable volume control. The M200 only allows 40-0 volume control, it's a bit unclear if it...
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    Help me understand matching a DAC with amp input sensitivity

    I have a DAC with pre-amp functionality, the SMSL M200. In DAC mode it outputs the typical 2V via RCA and 4.1V via XLR, but in pre-mode it outputs up to around 2.7V via RCA and 5.5 vs XLR. Now the input sensitivity of most amps I've looked at are much lower than 5.5 V, but many still have XLR...
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