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    Understanding Audio Dynamic Range / SNR (Part 1)

    This article from Amir is relevant to this subject.
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    Electromagnetic Interference in Speaker Cables? (video)

    Any reason to believe a mains line next to an inter-connect or HDMI cable will be different?
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    Genelec 8050B Speaker Review (and how to read speaker measurements)

    Thanks for the well done video @amirm . I'm not usually a video guy, but I'm liking yours. I do have a question about the early reflections graph if anyone can offer a laymen's answer. How would you get a ceiling bounce that causes a dip at 2000kHz(ish) when the vertical directivity...
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    Anyone from AVnirvana here?

    Should have known he’d be a member here too. @Sonnie
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    Anyone from AVnirvana here?

    Erin, I pm’d a link to your post to Sonnie at AVN
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    Best SciFi movies

    Wish grated. Almost. AppleTV network. Babylon 5 was a great sci-fi series with a lot of firsts, good story and characters.
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