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  1. MarsianC#

    FreeDSP Aurora with ADAU1452, 8 channel In/Out

    Care to help? Specs: Analog Devices ADAU1452, 294.912 MHz, 32-bit SigmaDSP 6144 SIMD instructions per sample @ 48kHz fs 40kWords of data RAM 800ms digital audio delay pool @ 48kHz fs 8 stereo ASRCs with 139dB DNR XMOS...
  2. MarsianC#

    I disassembled my Event Opal

    Already posted in other forums, but after the post on the 8351B I thought you might enjoy my pics too. The Opals a quite similar, aluminum housing, heavy and good sounding. Measurments by S&R are very good too. I really like them ;) Absorbend material is usually around the tweeter, a big sack...
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