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  1. vlad335

    Anyone interested in a review of the JBL LSR4326P

    I have pair of these and approached Amir about reviewing this monitor. He stated he would if there was any interest in the community but that he gets grief for reviewing discontinued products at times. I bought these used and I think they are excellent. 150 watts for the woofer and 70 watts for...
  2. vlad335

    Questioning the MiniDSP 2x4 sound quality.

    Question for you guys about the Minidsp 2x4 (Non HD) My unit was purchased in 2015 and it is the old Rev A version with 0.9vRMS. Using this with a Windows PC based system to control two studio monitors and a sub. it is being fed by a hiFime S2 DAC. I am trying to upgrade my Creative...
  3. vlad335

    In search of a studio monitor for desktop use

    Hello, First thread started here so take it easy on me please. ;) I have been using JBL 4326 studio monitors that i bought used from Guitar Center and while i can't say i dislike them, I was wondering if there was something out there better. I am running out of my PC using a creative AE-7...
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