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    What was your best (and worst) audio purchase for the dollar?

    Best: - Original Quad ESLs because for all the obvious faults, they were the speakers that made me realize what was possible. - Tandberg 3026A amp because I've had it for maybe 30 years and it still does 200W clean per side -- on a fully amortized basis, it has cost me low double digits per...
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    NAD C658 Streaming DAC Review

    Same here, and my volume seems fine with BluOS set to one sub. Gianfri, is it possible that you have the cable to the sub plugged into output 2 (the lower one) rather than 1 (the upper one)? I haven't tried this, but perhaps when BluOS knows that there is one sub, it attenuates output 2?
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    NAD C658 Streaming DAC Review

    Yeah, there is that.... :p
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    NAD C658 Streaming DAC Review

    Oh yeah, I should have thought of the USB input! I guess that I'm not worried about the touch screen, though, as it seems more intuitive to use a tablet or smartphone running the BluOS app to control the unit, select music, etc....I can't see why anyone would prefer to walk over to the preamp...
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    NAD C658 Streaming DAC Review

    Personally, I wouldn't hold my breath on that M12 replacement. But that's pure guesswork. Another personal opinion: it's difficult to see what features are left to add to the C658. It certainly would make sense from a marketing standpoint for NAD to "clone" the C658 into a product in the...
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    NAD C658 Streaming DAC Review

    So far, NAD has not announced any other upgrade boards. There are other boards available from NAD, but they don't apply to the C 658, as most of them duplicate functions currently included in the unit.
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    NAD C658 Streaming DAC Review

    KarVi71 also said it perfectly above. The measured faults of the C 658 are real, and I certainly wish that NAD had done a better job. But while disappointing in an absolute sense, the issues are not likely to be audible for most (any?) of us. There really is such a thing as "good enough", and...
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    Fun with vinyl measurements

    I have no measurements to contribute, but what about the records themselves? Back when I still listened to vinyl, any possible issues with the turntable often were swamped by variations from the record: off center pressings (and they don't have to be way off center), warps (and how many records...
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    Looking for suggestions: self-powered wireless speakers for small room

    Oh duh....I need to read all the words! But it appears that the Control X Wireless is no longer available; it's not on the JBL website. I might be able to snag a used pair; I see there's a pair on Amazon.
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    Looking for suggestions: self-powered wireless speakers for small room

    I may be confused here, but it looks like these are passive speakers. As I have no AC power where the speakers need to go, I can't run an amp at that location. So I do need self (battery) powered units. However, I see that JBL has quite a lineup on smaller speakers. I'll look more closely to...
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    Looking for suggestions: self-powered wireless speakers for small room

    Thanks Helicopter, here are some clarification/answers: Budget: not unlimited, but three digits would be good Size: "smaller bookshelf", but again flexible. 18" high would start to push it. Width/depth not an issue Looks: Don't need to look traditional, but should be unobtrusive. Bluetooth...
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    Looking for suggestions: self-powered wireless speakers for small room

    Here's the situation: we would like to have speakers in our small (11x12) dining room for casual listening. One of the shorter walls is completely covered by a salvaged solid wood shelving unit. That's about the only location that really works for speakers, so small bookshelf ones would be fine...
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    What can I do to further improve my setup?

    Find better source material. OK, that sounds like a smartass answer to a serious question. But it's not meant that way. Given any reasonably good system, the limiting factor in some very real ways will be the quality of the recordings that you are playing. If we all spent half as much time...
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    FM, any listeners left?

    As some others have implied, the main advantage of FM is the people who make the music happen. If I want the best sound, I can load a CD or tap a high resolution stream or play a downloaded file. But if I want to be surprised and delighted by a new piece of music or a new performance or a new...
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    Looking for smartphone (android) recommendations

    I have a Pixel 3a.Yeah, some nice features -- but several frustrating quirks that make it an annoying phone to use as...well...a phone. For just cheap and reliable and reasonably good with apps, there's always Moto. Nothing flashy, but both of our old ones still work after years of use.
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    Why do people like/use Roon?

    Some hardware manufacturers provide proprietary software for some of the functionality that's been mentioned. For example, NAD (and a couple of others) use BluOS, which indexes stored files and integrates with a boatload of streaming services/radio channels, e.g., Tidal, Qobuz, Idagio...
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    NAD C658 Streaming DAC Review

    I fat-fingered the remote once on my Pixel 3a. Fortunately, my speakers withstood the few seconds of full blast with a 300 w per side amp (yikes!) until the I got to the off switch. In fact, the power amp fuse blew, which must have happened about the time I hit the switch. I subsequently...
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    NAD C658 Streaming DAC Review

    @WoodyTobiasJr : In post #163 in this thread, Dave54321 gave the following link to another review that provided some measurements: As Dave noted, the measurements are not as thorough as Amir's (and the thumbnail graphics shown are so...
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    Advice for good living room sound system (streaming, multi room)

    I have had the NAD C 658 for about six months now and am delighted with it. All of the earlier (2019 - early 2020) online complaints that I saw were addressed by the time that I purchased my unit. Since then, there have been at least 4 firmware updates, three of which added noticeable...
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    Why do so many recording sound bright or "harsh"?

    One other issue that can contribute to bright or aggressive sound for upper strings (violins) in orchestral recordings: frequently, recording mics are suspended high in front of or even over the string sections. This means that the sound they are recording is the sound as projected from directly...
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