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  1. cronos

    Looking for a DAC/Streamer with these specs

    - DAC usb - streamer - tidal and spotify compatible - bluetooth 5 - rca out - toslink/coax input - MQA (desirable, not mandatory) I am looking for something impossible? the closest thing is the matrix element x, but it's missing a few things. EDIT: What do you think of this combination of 2...
  2. cronos

    Matrix Audio Element X: Is compatible with spotify?

    Hello, I would like to buy a DAC with an integrated streamer and had seen positive reviews of the Matrix Audio Element X model. I think this player uses an application on the phone called MA Remote and from there the music plays, please correct me if it is not correct. Does anyone know if it...
  3. cronos

    DAC for Lavardin IS ref + Kudos Cardea C10

    Hi, I have a Kudos Cardea C10 speakers and Lavardin IS reference amplifier. I'm looking for a good DAC. I do not need to have balanced output because the Lavardin only has RCA inputs. My approximate budget would be about 1500€. At most 3000€ if it were an incredible DAC. My intention was to...
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