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    paper: "Ultrathin Acoustic Metasurface-Based Schroeder Diffuser"

    Yea, i get how the basics of resonators work. And that the slits (or holes in the first article) changes the phase in a way that scatters the sound. But are the flat areas just an effect of the fact that the resonator need an ”enclosed” space or does the flat areas help in the diffusion, being a...
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    paper: "Ultrathin Acoustic Metasurface-Based Schroeder Diffuser"

    Interesting stuff! I have found another attempt of slimming down diffusors using Helmholtz resonators in this scientific article: Metadiffusers: Deep-subwavelength sound diffusers. Seems like a problem might be that there also seems to be a lot of absorption in very specific frequencies. Or is...
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    Review and Measurements of NAD C 320BEE PWR Amplifier

    Considering that it is possible to get this amp just above 100$ in the second-hand market, shouldn’t this be considered a seriously good bang-for-the-buck? I have pair of speakers that are very easy to drive (plus only listening at moderate levels) so byepassing the preamp and feeding from DAC...
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