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  1. Jimbob54

    What's the deal with mid-tier closed headphones?

    Dan Clarke Audio Aeon RT Closed
  2. Jimbob54

    DAC burn-in/break-in? My Gustard X16 measurements

    You're going to have to elaborate on what you mean by "resolving" in this particular case. Can a headphone accurately reproduce a fraction of a dB change in amplitude of a frequency? I think that is what you are asking?
  3. Jimbob54

    Any lovers of ambient?

  4. Jimbob54

    Hifiman HE400i Review (planar headphone)

    Nope - far , far more likely its ear/ brain related. Rule out those first then investigate physical changes.
  5. Jimbob54

    DAC Upgrade - What can I expect?

    If you have no ground loop noise going on then its hard to see what changing DAC/ going balanced would bring other than higher levels into the Pre. Stick with what works if you have no issues.
  6. Jimbob54

    One crook helping the other (Fremer helping Paul sell his snake oil power regenerators)

    Always bloody transients and/or veils. Also, I am guessing most people living in apartments know exactly where their power comes from. The walls, same as in houses.
  7. Jimbob54

    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    For the first time I have had to consider selling some! Meze 99 (Drop version) Beyer DT1990 Pro Fostex T60 MIght have to go to good homes.
  8. Jimbob54

    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    Added a pair of Dan Clark Aeon RT open. I'm liking, but the big ears are making themselves felt again.
  9. Jimbob54

    Topping E30 DAC Review

    What software music player are you using? You need to set that to exclusive mode (which means it bypasses the W10 audio settings). Its the W10 settings that means anything not in exclusive mode will be resampled to 48 (or whatever is set as the default). In exclusive mode, it should play at...
  10. Jimbob54

    "Things that cannot be measured"

    And the squeal of piggies.
  11. Jimbob54

    Does your stereo system ever sound bad?

    No. I dont hear it different. Like the beer doesn't taste different, but sometimes I don't want to consume it.
  12. Jimbob54

    Does your stereo system ever sound bad?

    Yup. If I'm overly stressed or hyper, I can't commit to listening, can't get in the zone. Not so much it sounding different, more me not receiving it well.
  13. Jimbob54

    DAC burn-in/break-in? My Gustard X16 measurements

    So, moving things on. Had the X16 not had the imbalance you measured, what would you conclude from the tests you have run so far?
  14. Jimbob54

    DAC burn-in/break-in? My Gustard X16 measurements

    Irrelevant- and I have an inkling my ears are broken anyway- I have started adding a balance on headphones of over 0.5dB to the right to stop everything being too biased to the left. And thats not a DAC, HP or amp issue as its on multiple units of each. Focus on the thing you are seeking to...
  15. Jimbob54

    DAC burn-in/break-in? My Gustard X16 measurements

    Now, on to the test that matters. Can you tell whether its the e30 or x16 playing in a proper test. Does your ability to pick it change if either dac is low temp /just booted. You can't start seeing quirks in measurements then saying cumulatively they might add up to the lack of sparkle you...
  16. Jimbob54

    Chord Hugo M Scaler - Stereophile Review (measurements also)

    Clearly neither of you ever watched either Quantum Leap (which actually ran forever) or the shittest of the modern Bond films, Quantum of Solace, which merely felt like it did.
  17. Jimbob54

    What’s special about ‘digital coax’?

    Joking aside, I had heard that there were some cables built like this. Obviously the arrows serve a valid and necessary purpose in such cases. Im also sure some of the ones I've been sold with directivity in the *bad* (pre ASR) days and also guidance in some of the hifi press to "follow the...
  18. Jimbob54

    Hifiman HE400i Review (planar headphone)

    UAPP would be a good all in one alternative if you haven't already bought neutron /bubble.
  19. Jimbob54

    Schiit Asgard 3 Headphone Amp & DAC

    Apologies, they were consecutive and I just saw the times, not days/dates.
  20. Jimbob54

    What’s special about ‘digital coax’?

    More importantly, do they have direction arrows ? Nothing sounds worse than sound travelling the wrong way down a wire. Needs arrows to help it navigate.
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