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    Intel Nuc motherboard ADC quality

    I have just ordered a new Intel Nuc (i7 10th generation) to be used in an Akasa Turing FX fanless case. This will serve as my home office computer, for work, but also as an audio source. One of my professional applications is speech recognition because at times I suffer from rsi. For this and...
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    passive amp/level control

    My desktop system is simple: PC stream into Odac usb DAC into Emotiva Control Freak for rca into Quad power amp. It works a treat but now the Control Freak is failing. I have seen the TC Electronics Level Pilot. Is it any good or are there better alternatives?
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    Live stream of modern ballet

    This evening, while most other people were probably watching the unraveling of Donald Trump's presidency, my wife and I watched a live stream from the Nederlands Dans Theater 2 (NDT2), a prominent Dutch modern ballet company: I have been a life long fan of...
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    Archimago measures speakers

    Archimago has just started doing 'Quasi Spinorama' measuremtns:
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    I am ready for a new webcam. I use a good stereo system for audio playback so I don't need that. I also have a pro audio Sennheiser headset mic but may not always want to use that. What would be a good mid price webcam for serious usage? I don't need 4 K but zooming function is important and so...
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    5G madness

    Some fun from from the BBC, if it were not so serious:
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    automatic digital input switch

    Like many here, I have more digital sources than I have inputs on my DAC (RME ADI-2). So I bought this automatic switch: Its only limitation is that the connected source units should turn off their signal when...
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    How much amplifier power is required?

    The claim that you really do not need that much amplifier power and that low power amplifiers somehow let you listen deeper into the music is one of those audiophool myths. I just found back the link to the Harbeth video of a demonstration some years ago of their M40.1 flagship speaker in the...
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    Dirac and similar

    It is quite widely agreed here that the room is the elephant in the room, yet there is very little discussion about the practical implications. So I have a very simple question: what are people's experiences with Dirac and the like, and particularly with all in solutions like those by minidsp...
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    Hardware for room eq

    Reading Amir's review of the Paradigm PW-Link I wondered if there are any preferably affordable digital in digital out boxes like that Paradigm unit, but without its failings (I am not interested here in its other functionality). The MiniDSP is a well known and often used little box to upload...
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    wireless subwoofer

    I am considering getting a second subwoofer for smoother bass. Unfortunately, as I am sure for many other people as well, it would involve at the very least long and ugly cables and some promising locations cannot even be reached with a cable. So I am thinking of using a wireless kit. Are there...
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    Ikea Sonos collaboration

    Ikea and Sonos have just announced a joint budget line of speakers that are compatible with the Sonos ecosystem (without the voice control) and with the emerging Ikea home automation environment. Technology thus far is by Sonos. Prices are characteristic of Ikea.
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    useful add ons

    I am interested in two types of add ons that I cannot find much information about: 1 auto switchers for optical inputs, and these ones in particular: and...
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    What have we learned, and what not (yet)?

    Amir has done a great service, so I thought it may be right to summarize some of the bigger trends in his results. The first is that electronics do not need to be very expensive, and that many even modestly priced electronic components are better than human hearing acuity and hence sonically...
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    Automatic optical audio switch

    Does anyone have experience with or, even better, tested this automatic optical and/or coaxial input switch:
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    usb turntable output

    I own a nice turntable but I really do no tuse it anymore, so I have just replaced by old Quad 33 pre amp with phone input with a modern DAC with volume control and only digital inputs. That is fine with me, but my wife wants to keep the vinyl option. I have found the Pro-ject Phono Box E phono...
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    Amplification for electrostats

    I have always used Quad electrostats as my main speakers. At first, they were the ESL57s, and these were a pretty nasty load for an amplifier, and did not take kindly to less than perfectly stable amplifiers. So I used them with Quad's own 303 power amplifier. More recently, my main speakers...
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    auto on/off amplifiers

    I am looking for a 2x100 watt or so power amplifier with auto on/off functionality, just like most subwoofers, and available on the EU market. This is for use in the bedroom. I am currently using a 2x25 watt Ava Maestro 50 amplifier with this functionality, driving a pair of modest Q Acoustics...
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