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    High quality USB <> headset adapter

    Hi guys, could anyone please suggest a quality USB to TTRS adapter/cable? All I could find are some cheap adapters (10-15$). Anything with good powerful HP out and decent mic input? Basically, I don't need just a dac out, I also need mic input (inline mic). Thanks, and apologies if this was...
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    Mackie HR824Mk2

    Hi everyone, would anyone possibly have measurements for Mackie HR824Mk2 on- and off- axis? Also I would appreciate any first hand experiences with them posted. People seem to be rather polarized about them.
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    Passive Balanced Monitor/Amp controller/preamp

    Hi everyone, what would you suggest as a simple passive balanced controller/preamp? I would like to get something between DAC XLR outs (with missing volume control) and power amp with XLR inputs. Channel balance is very important to me at all volumes. Any consensus as to what is a good one?
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