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    KRK ROKIT 5 Gen 4 Review (Studio Monitor)

    Every single time port causes stupid issues like noise and distortion...
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    Closed-Back Headphone Kit for Audeze LCD-2 LCD-3 LCD-X LCD-XC LCD-4

    Man, i compared closed vs normal on . Would prefer closed version. Please find someone who can measure lcd-2 stock and with your closed kit. Then post results here. If you manage to fix mids and higher frequencies you will become a saint.
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    Yamaha HS7 Review (studio monitor)

    Finally, looks better than i thought. Looking at my pair now. Thinking whether mackie 824 mk1/2 will be better...
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    AKG K371 Review (closed back headphone)

    Is there a headset cable with mic for starfield? How is the starfield fit for you? Can you sleep with them on the ear?
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    Dan Clark Audio AEON RT Review (closed headphone)

    Etymotic ER2/3/4 have lower distortion when measured at 100db spl.
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    Connecting TV to a pair of active speakers: dialog audibility and compression

    Possibly use equalizer built into kefs and boost midrange frequencies where voices are for quiet environments. You actually might target midrange boost similar to what yamaha ns-10 has.
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    NAD Viso HP50 Review (headphone)

    If in his measurements Amir matched harman curve to red line measurement he would get closer to what Oratory1990 got: Overall, it is the headband that ruins them, not the sound quality.
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    NAD Viso HP50 Review (headphone)

    Great headphone marred by ****** headband. I don't agree on measurements though. For me it is quite close to hd600 in the sense that i dont need to eq both.
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    Sennheiser HD650 Review (Headphone)

    Crinacle did excellent research on effects of pad wear: Hd650 does lose quite a bit of hf with pad wear. While hd600 becomes more balanced.
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    Focal Clear Review (headphone)

    With enough persistence one can clip and shoot down anything.
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    What's the point?

    Because audio purists will argue that any eq or processing deteriorates signal, hence one has to pay more to get something mechanical that one can get electronically. :)
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    Before I Die

    DWM panels are not really for deep bass. They are there for upper bass. If you want deep bass you need the likes of rel, svs, hsu and rythmic (nice with tracking tech)
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    Peavey USB-P Review (Balanced DAC)

    Amir, could you please open this one? Does it actually have transformers?
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    Depressing reviews. Not the reviews they are great, the equipment.

    Man, relax. All this "bad" performance is uber good once you check amplifier performance of amps inside jbl lsr305 amd lsr308, local darlings. If you are paranoid get a denon x3700, put it in preamp mode and a bunch of power amps. This should allow for pretty much state of the art performance...
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    New 15" Scanspeak Ellipticor

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    JBL 308P MKII Studio Monitor Review

    I was gonna write some intelligent explanation. But i will just say "because marketing" and all people are different. Only a small number of people will need hf cut due to hearing them bright.
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    JBL 308P MKII Studio Monitor Review

    This is such an easy test. Just do it. This was measured for 305s ( ): HF switch works as advertised. So if HF is too much just flip it.
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    Revel F328Be Speaker Review

    It would be really great to see JBL4367. They seem to run circles around Revel in terms of distortion (taken from here ) :
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    JBL 308P MKII Studio Monitor Review

    This or it is scaling at play
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