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    ASR and AMIR saved my desktop set up :)

    Hello ASR friends, a while back I spent some money on this set up for my computer desk that is now relegated to a small bedroom during remodeling. here's my set up. 1. Paradigm monitor SE 2. Topping PA3 amp 3. Jammo slim subwoffer 4. MiniDSP ddrc24 with Dirac 5. white foam acoustic panels not...
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    Tweeter array HiFi/HT speakers, any thoughts?

    I have heard many types of speakers! there are few things I haven't heard and a tweeter array speaker is one of them. I don't mean full line source. I know some HT speakers are made this way(even THX ones) and also Mcintosh. I wonder what the benifits and limitations of these designs are? XTZ...
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    Help me feel good about my MiniDSP DDRC-24

    So I bought this unit for my desktop set up. I am doing a lot of renovation and had to move my desktop into my bedroom and my speakers and desk are crammed into a corner and against a wall. The miniDSP and dirac have done a good job of taming the boundary issues, I just don't know if it sounds...
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