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    Allo Usbridge Signature

    If you guys want some measurements, Allo posted some on diyaudio, using usbridge sig gives a bit better results. But after compared jolida dac with some better test results dac, I doubt maybe the measurements cannot explain all things we are listening.
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    Internal of jolida glass fx dac dsd

    I'm sure the objective measurement of this dac is not good, but to my ear, it's better than my previous su-8 at least. Here is a photo of the internal dac, very compact design. I think the power section could be improved.
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    [Sold]Geshelli enog2 pro dac

    I would like to sell a Geshelli enog2 pro dac, it has good review by amirm. Looking for $100 shipped. Thanks.
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    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    he5le mod and he560 pre-production version.
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    Oooh , new Drop THX collab!

    sp200 is about $200 with thx888 technology, what benefits we can get from this drop version?
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    Internal of thx788

    I got some photos about thx788, There is no opa564 in thx788 like thx887.
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    [FS-SFBAY] SMSL SU-8 V2 - $150

    I would like to sell my smsl su-8 v2, it's 1 year old and in great shape. I'm looking for $150 net(buyer please pay shipping and pp fee), local pickup in sfbay is welcome(no other fees). I will post some pics later.
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    SONCOZ SGD1 Audio DAC Review

    I think I will sell my su-8 soon and buy a sgd1 to support Ben for this great work, very impressive.
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    FS: SOLD

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    Measurements of AD1865NOS by Cyxchen

    According to the testing, the old ad1865 can beat 9038pro at 20~40hz frequency?
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    Measurements of Matrix Audio X-SABRE Pro

    One dumb question, in Amirm testing result, the 32 tone result in low frequency(20hz), it's about 130db, in your measurement, it's 110db, I mean amirm's result is at least 10db better than yours. Why?
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    Best sabre ess9038 pro dac?

    I think he is trying to make some relationship between his experience and measurement. I don't have experience about these high price DACs, but I compared su8 and dx3 in same condition and found su8 is a bit brighter and more resolve which I prefer. But I use a saga as preamp which thd is much...
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    SMSL SU-8 Version 2 Balanced DAC

    Hi @amirm, Did you do multi-tone test? Thanks.
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    FS: Massdrop THX 789

    The price is reasonable as tax and shipping cost has to be included. But you have more choices now, thx 887 and sp200, if you like, I don't think blame seller for asking high price than what you thought publicly is proper.
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    Uptone EtherREGEN

    They should get a IXIA to measure their jitter
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    Review and Measurements of New JDS Labs Atom Headphone Amp

    Thx, but the atom doesn't has bridge mode switch as traditional amplifier, the connection in your description is only using one channel, am I correct? Because atom has very low output impedance and if it can work in bridge mode, we can double the output power with only $200, this will be a very...
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    Review and Measurements of New JDS Labs Atom Headphone Amp

    I wonder did anybody try to bridge two atom and use it at mono mode with external volume control? I asked JDS but they didn't give me clear answer just said this is possible.
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    [OFF] Schiit saga preamp

    Sorry, no longer for sale.
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