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    AudioScienceReview discussion on AS.

    Can we "like" a post many times?? ... So that I can multi-like this above post !!
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    Neumann kh 310 + hk 750 vs kh 420

    Prices are as per In the US, the pair of KH310 would be $4400 and the pair of KH750, $3300 $7700. about 8K ;) when you add the MA-1 software ...
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    Neumann kh 310 + hk 750 vs kh 420

    Hi This forum leans a lot toward Genelec and for good reasons but looking at the performance of the KH310 with its analog filters and no use of DSP, I find it to be at the upper echelon of speakers reviewed here. I would like to see in a reviewed here what the combination of a KH750 + KH310...
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    One crook helping the other (Fremer helping Paul sell his snake oil power regenerators)

    HI I make sure of never watching these video. Clicking to watch does increase their score on YouTube. Paul has been around for along time and he continues to sell and make money. As for people like Fremer I used to think of them as innocent but have come to see them as active participants...
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    What’s special about ‘digital coax’?

    Hi @Richardk3000 Please re-read @DonH56 post above. Digital connection between the streamer and the DAC is not at audio frequencies. The digital stream on which the audio signal "rides". the transmission, is at Radio Frequencies between 1.5 and 4 MHz ( don't hold me to the exact frequency...
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    From a quality point of view, does it make sense to DIY loudspeakers?

    Hi People end to overestimate their abilities. DIY sounds "easy", fun and even economical. Building a DIY speaker , often requires a level of skill few people, even some DIY people in other fields, possess. I used to be a DIY proponent, until I recently tackled a sealed subwoofer design... a...
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    True that! Thing is, I came to appreciate a few things Nolan does. I love Dunkirk, it is IMHO a masterpiece... I hated Memento and now hate "Tenet".
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    Forced myself to, for a second time, re-watch to, kind of make sense, of this movie... My conclusion? A bad movie. Being from Nolan and featuring two good actors in Washington and Pattinson, critics went soft. Any less famous director would have been pilloried.
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    FWIW.. Copied from Stereophile I would suggest to ignore the response in the bass from 150 Hz down ... in all Stereophile measurements... Wilson Audio Alexx MSRP $109,000/pair Wilson Audio Sabrina $17,000/pair Magico S5 MKii Seems to be a bit better... Now for comparisons purposes...
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    Most important channel and speakers in Home Theater

    A center channel is ESSENTIAL for movies. The oft-repeated, but not factual point, that phantom center channel is enough doesn't hold scrutiny. Someone posted some times ago, on ASR, the the FR differences between phantom and discrete center speaker. It wasn't even close, to use an expression...
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    Dynaudio Core series

    There are a few “sure things”. You buy Genelec, Neumann , JBL, Dutch & Dutch and you’re likely to be a happy dude or dudess once things are dialed up. if you can go for one of those. Spend the dough. there is such a thing as Paralysis by (over) analysis
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    Abyss and cables

    Hi This person sat down and realized that people can sell anything with the proper spiel and spins. He has to know that someone is currently vending their vagina scent !! Meanwhile there are some people (most of those can't hear past 10 KHz) but manage to hear the sound differences of various...
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    The idea persists today in the form of ionic tweeters or plasma tweeters. For full range , I don't know any but there a few companies offering "ionic" or "plasma" tweeters. Ionovac, Lanshe, Acapella More than 10 years ago, I had the opportunity to listen to a hybrid of sort, a stupendously...
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    How to best EQ Headphones on the go? e.g with iPhone

    I use “Boom”. It seems to work
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    Thank you and also first question

    Back to the main subject ... @pvanosta , coming here may have you rethink your HiFi strategy and philosophy. The results may have you be happier with sonic bliss while spending less money and even recoup a lot of the investment made in your current gear. If you stick, learn, measure and listen...
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