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  1. Adam Bernau

    Do USB Filters Make DACs Sound Better? (Video)

    @amirm Today i saw another product worthy of your attention :)
  2. Adam Bernau

    speaker in briefcase

    Hi, first of all- the volume of the lid space is small, so if you don´t want to make the lower part of the briefcase smaller and make the speaker enclosure around 50-100 mm deeper, so it would be sticking out of the lid, i would really not recommend using of any subwoofer. Considering the size...
  3. Adam Bernau

    speaker in briefcase

    Yes, it is possible. Your limit is the size of the lid and its depth, you must be able to close the briefcase, so you have to tear off the existing sound system and the upholstery and measure. Let me know when you know the cavity dimensions, preferably in milimeters, and i will try to give you...
  4. Adam Bernau

    Focal Clear Review (headphone)

    Canť wait! It is very disapointing to see how badly are those Focals engineered.. I am hearing only superlatives recently about Superlux headphones, are they also in the bunch? The HD668B and HD681 Evo are praised almost like miracle for the price. If they are not in the group, perhaps somebody...
  5. Adam Bernau

    JBL Stage A130 Review (speaker)

    The trick is to stuff the whole pepper before grilling.
  6. Adam Bernau

    JBL Stage A130 Review (speaker)

    My favourite recipe is to grill red sweet peppers filled with feta cheese, if you haven´t tried before, i highly recommend it. Perhaps would work with the shishito ones too, if you have bigger ones :)
  7. Adam Bernau

    what are your industrial design favorites?

    My speakers :D ( also designed by me)
  8. Adam Bernau

    Netflix cuts 4k bitrate in half promises you'll not see the difference, and raises prices....again.

    Well...It is obvious, that their goal is to sell more subscriptions without investing in their servers streaming abilities. It would be fair, if they gave us the choice, so we can decide what bitrate and quality we get according to our connection abilities. The presentation looks like typical PR...
  9. Adam Bernau

    Buchardt A500 subjective review

    Well, i don´t think that Darko is intentionally lying and deceiving his viewers, but it is obvious, that he is a believer, and he is also selling his beliefs to his loyal crowd of other believers. I am also guessing, that there is much less (if any) money to be made from advertising of...
  10. Adam Bernau

    New Q Active 200 and Q Active 400 from Q Acoustics

    They are actually using TEBM46C20N-4B from Tectonic Elements, so i would not expect any wonders..
  11. Adam Bernau

    New Q Active 200 and Q Active 400 from Q Acoustics

    More like around 30 Hz, with compression algorithm cutting it volume dependently (see picture) And it is twin 4 inch long throw subwoofers in each. But anyway, very impressive for its size,
  12. Adam Bernau

    New Q Active 200 and Q Active 400 from Q Acoustics

    Yes, i think that this is just a redirected port for exactly this reason, not a waveguide, since it works bellow 300 Hz..
  13. Adam Bernau

    New Q Active 200 and Q Active 400 from Q Acoustics

    Well, let´s wait for the measurements.. I have actually designed and produced active speakers of similar construction, with bigger 4,5 inch BMR driver fullrange, playing down to 300 Hz, and bass section with TB speakers 5 1/4 subwoofer and Wavecor 7 inch passive radiator. The BMR drivers have...
  14. Adam Bernau

    I disassembled my Genelec 8351B

    Yes, and history of milions of dollars spent on research and development, plus the casted aluminium enclosures, which is technology where only the molds cost like small house. Your smart-ass comment has no value, except of the obvious disclosure of the fact, that you don´t know what you are...
  15. Adam Bernau

    I disassembled my Genelec 8351B

    Great post, thank you for sharing! There was no dampening material inside, right? Interesting...
  16. Adam Bernau

    Amirm's Bounty

    Nice! Nothing tastes better than the fruit of our work from our our garden :) If you are a fan of a good pizza and pasta, i would suggest to make a few dozens of canned sugo (the italian tomato sauce). I do, and it is just great to have them ready for quick pizza or pasta making.
  17. Adam Bernau

    Why would someone choose the D90/A90 stack over a ADI-2-DAC FS?

    The Soncoz you have mentioned looks like unbelievable value for money, but RME has great advantage in functionality, fully parametric equalisation, and even variable Fletcher Munson curve based loudness. I have actually made a few stereo installations, where the ability to correct the worse of...
  18. Adam Bernau

    RPG Modex Edge a Resonator Bass Absorber

    I would be very much interested in trying active bass trap, people from pro audio world are singing praises about this one, but it is definitelly not cheap, and it seems that you need two of them at least, in most situations.
  19. Adam Bernau

    Poll: Where are you guys from?

    Prague, Czech republic
  20. Adam Bernau

    Purifi PTT6.5W04-01A 6.5" midwoofer

    Hi, i am actually powering it temporarily with Hypex FA 122 plate amplifier, the Purifi ETA based plate amp with DSP is in the works. The DSP/crossover setting are still in works also, now the crossover is at 3 kHz at 24 dB/oct. I am now working on tuning the passive radiators, from my...
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