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  1. ZolaIII

    The History Of PC Audio (Creative 30 years of Sound Blaster story)

    While it whose a long ride it's nice to remember or read how things were and what took us to get hire. Disclaimer: I don't have anything to do with Creative Technology in any way.
  2. ZolaIII

    Wavelet Android EQ

    Now when it's in good enough shape I wanted to share it. App: Auto EQ adopts sound for earphones/headphones to Harman scale for some 2300 models so far and you can find presets and documentation for every one in git...
  3. ZolaIII

    TI DC/DC IC convertor disassembly

    I have stumbled upon disassembly of Texas Instruments DC/DC 5V IC which hopefully could be used to make dirty USB power supply sources a little bit cleaner. Unfortunately this particular one thanks to packaging is moisture sensitive. Anyhow I found it interesting reading and hopefully other...
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