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    New AES paper from Facebook Reality Labs: Listener-Preferred Headphone Frequency Response for Stereo and Spatial Audio Content

    When spatial audio content is presented over headphones, the audio signal is typically filtered with binaural room impulse responses (BRIRs). An accurate virtual auditory space presentation can be achieved by flattening the headphones’ frequency response. However, when presenting stereo music...
  2. thewas

    New section?

    @amirm and @BDWoody, would it be possible that previous headphone reviews are also moved here as otherwise its rather confusing and there might be double parallel threads in the future?
  3. thewas now measures and reviews also loudspeakers

    Just noticed today, seems to have started 17 days ago, might be another reasonable information source for bluetooth and wifi loudspeakers in the future.
  4. thewas

    New Neumann MA 1 - Automatic Monitor Alignment

    The Beginning of a New Era in Monitoring Calibration algorithms jointly developed with Fraunhofer IIS For stereo setups with KH 80 DSP and all pairs of analog (non DSP-based) Neumann monitors using the KH 750 DSP subwoofer Individually calibrated measurement microphone Room adaptive target...
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    FS: Pair of Neumann KH 120 A G studio monitors only 5 months old

    Located in Germany, asking price 900€ + shipping. The current version in anthracite, technically and optically as new, see high resolution pictures. Including all included accessories like manuals and original packaging but without the accessory stands shown in the photos. If required...
  6. thewas

    New Q Active 200 and Q Active 400 from Q Acoustics Interesting that they use BMRs in a small vertical array assisted by woofers, so a kind of F.A.S.T. (= full range and subwoofer assisted) array.
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    Headphones preference score ranking chart based on Harman target curve Headphones ranked by Harman headphone listener preference scores. Tables include the preference score (Score), standard deviation of the error (STD), slope of the logarithimc regression fit of the error (Slope) for both...
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    Basic Introduction to Room Acoustics video by Geoff Martin from B&O

    His video description: "This is an introduction to some basic concepts and vocabulary in the general area of room acoustics - with explanations and live demos. I make a couple of sweeping statements in here - but the idea is to help to provide an intuitive understanding of what's going on...
  9. thewas

    Comparing Headphone Measurement Systems

    Full article Intro This is a study of different headphone measurement systems. Each system here is investigated based on the average error and standard deviation compared to the reference measurement. The reference measurement in this case is the measurement done by oratory1990 with the same...
  10. thewas

    Linear Phase in Studio Monitors - the responses of Dr. Floyd Toole, Dr. Wolfgang Klippel, Andrew Jones, and James Croft

    Imho quite a good read.
  11. thewas

    Some comments from Floyd Toole about room curve targets, room EQ and more

    Room curve targets Every so often it is good to review what we know about room curves, targets, etc. Almost 50 years of double-blind listening tests have shown persuasively that listeners like loudspeakers with flat, smooth, anechoic on-axis and listening-window frequency responses. Those with...
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