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  1. daftcombo

    Small speakers for near-field listening (source: PC) under 250 €.

    Hi, A friend of mine asked me to advise him a pair of speakers around 200 € (I think he could stretch to 250 €) for general purposes, including listening to classical music on Youtube. He doesn't have a lot of room on his desk so I think about the iLoud Micro Monitors. Any other ideas? Cheers.
  2. daftcombo

    Post your room modes correction PEQ settings

    Hi, Which settings do you use to deal with room modes? Where is it effective: listening position only or wider area? Do you use different settings for each channel? Are the corrections different depending on the type of music and loudness?
  3. daftcombo

    Channel imbalance & vinyl thickness

    Some records seem to be hotter in one channel than in the other. It can be on the whole record, on only one side, during the whole LP or only the beginning of both sides or only one. It seems to me that it could be a question of thick records (like 180g LPs) and thinner ones and the way the...
  4. daftcombo

    How flat is flat?

    Hello, Let's take two speakers A and B identical in all aspects but flatness of their frequency response. Let's say, for instance, that A is flat +/-0.5 dB and B flat +/- 1 dB. Is the difference audible? Of course, it's not possible to find two speakers identical in all aspects but FR. But it...
  5. daftcombo

    Question about "stereo jack"

    Hi, I need to replace one of the cables (will replace the two, actually) between my phono pre-amp (2 x XLR out) and my Scarlett Focusrite 2i4 2nd Gen (2 x TLR in). I want to go for cheap but good cables and found these: What...
  6. daftcombo

    Acoustic phase measurements of loudspeakers

    Hi, @amirm does an incredible job of measuring speakers, including electric phase & impedance. I am a bit surprised though not to see any acoustic phase measurements (the kind of measurement one can do with REW on-axis). Is it because it is of no interest? Couldn't it give a clue about the...
  7. daftcombo

    Differences between loudspeaker listening & headphones listening

    Ok, this might sound stupid, but I just noticed this: when you listen to loudspeakers and nod your head to the music (which I do most of the time, provided there's a beat going), the position of the head changes and might (?) create tone or phase very small changes, that could be good in a way...
  8. daftcombo

    Add a subwoofer to Focal Aria 906 bookshelf speakers ?

    Hi, I am considering adding a subwoofer to my Aria 906, as I listen to electronic music mostly. My living room is 16m² only and I won't blast the sound. I just want to hear all the frequencies (down to 30 Hz) of my records. Here is the frequency response of the Ariua 906's as measured by...
  9. daftcombo

    I measured my speakers with... themselves

    Hi, I wanted to measure one of my Focal Aria 906 yesterday with a Behringer ECM8000 calibrated microphone and a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 2nd Gen as DAC/ADC, using REW. The mic was positionned 2 meters away from the speakers, on the tweeter axis. I obtained a super nice curve, looking a lot like...
  10. daftcombo

    Weird ASIO behaviour?

    Hi, I have the lastest drivers for my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 2nd Gen. In Foobar2000, I have the ASIO component installed and chose "Focusrite [ASIO]" as the output. In the past, when I chose ASIO (with other DACs, with which I had to use ASIO4All if I remember correctly), when a song was...
  11. daftcombo

    Electrical phase: any good correcting it?

    Hi, provides electrical phase measurement of speakers. Here's an example (Focal Aria 906) source: You can get that kind...
  12. daftcombo

    Expensive loudspeakers that sound bad

    I'd be interested to know your experiences with loudspeakers which sound just bad, in any room and in whatever configuration. Those going for several k€ and that you had to sell back just after, or those you heard at an audiophile's place thinking "all those $$$ for that?".
  13. daftcombo

    Subwoofer in a very small room: does it make sense?

    So, I have a 3rd system in a very small room (3 m * 2,5 m, that is to say 10ft * 8ft approximatively) for late night chill-out. It is composed of a Sony DVD player, a JDS Lab Atom used as headphones amp and pre-amp for a pair of JBL 305p mkII. In this room I mostly listen to piano, but also...
  14. daftcombo

    Cheapest "transparent" DAC with balanced output and volume control

    Hi, I'm after a DAC with balanced output and volume control to use as a pre-amp and to put in the chain before a NCORE speaker power amp like this one...
  15. daftcombo

    Speakers not flat on-axis that sound good?

    Hi, Do they exist? speakers not flat on-axis (with a treble peak for instance) that sound good and hi-fi nevertheless? Should their positionning be different from the flat on-axis ones? (different toe-in for instance) I'm after examples and explanating why they can sound good. Cheers.
  16. daftcombo

    Do NCore have buzzing noise?

    Hi, On Audiophonics, on the page for the PA-250NC, there are two customer comments (in french) about a buzzing noise coming from the module, even when it is off: One customer thinks it's a bit annoying, another writes it is faint and only...
  17. daftcombo

    Epos speakers

    Hi, I would like to know if anyone had experience with the british brand Epos. I've read most of their speakers had the "UK sound" like B&W, boosted low-mid and dip in the 4kHz-6kHz range. I have a pair of K3. They sound clean but the RF is not flat on-axis. Off-axis it is, +/- 2.5 dB. Cheers
  18. daftcombo

    Ideal off-axis response

    Hi, The consensus for on-axis response in an anechoic room seems to be flatness from 20Hz to 20kHz. Is there also a kind of consensus for off-axis, let's say 30° horizontal response of a speaker? Cheers.
  19. daftcombo

    Audiophonics BTW60: cheapest DAC + speakers amp in the world?

    Hi, Just stumbled upon this: Amplifier Modules 2x TPA3116D2 Power 2x50W (4Ω) Bluetooth range 10m Switch On / Off Volume Controller Food12V 5A via Jack DC...
  20. daftcombo

    USB current output for a DAC

    Hi, I am considering buying a keyboard with 2 USB slots. It is written "don't plug a hard drive or DVD player or anything needing more than 200 mA" on the keyboard USB slots. Would a DAC, for instance a Audioengine D3, work properly?
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