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    Anyone from EU ordered audio devices from shenzhenaudio

    Hi, I'd like to buy a DAC and IEM and found the webshop who has good offer and seems to ship globally. Has anybody who live in EU bought something from them? How long did it take to ship to EU and do they also take care of import tax (or VAT)? Please share your...
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    Headphone measurements

    Hi, Is there any other website other than rtings with good and objective measure of headphone? I found some data here but not sure if it can be trusted: For example HD800S does seem to me low in the rank. Thank you!
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    Over ear headphone ear cup size

    Hi, Is there any website where I can find the ear cup sizes for over ear headphones? I assume I have to choose the size bigger than my ears? Today I tried a few headphones, but I feel most of them are too small for my ears (measures to 70x36mm). Should the ears be completely inside the cup or...
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    Hifiman Sundara vs Ananda

    Hi, Today I heard the sound of Sundara from a local shop and I like it a lot. Looking at Hifiman’s product line there is a big brother Ananda. My questions for those who have either one: 1) If probably driven, does Amanda sound better than Sundara? I ask because Rting gives higher score to...
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    Best headphone under 500 euros w/o need for amplifier

    What do you think the best HiFi quality headphone under 500 euros which can be driven satisfactorily by MacBook without the need for external DAC/AMP? My list consists of: AKG K702 AKG K712 pro Sennheiser hd 660S Hifiman sundara Any other options?
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    Matrix Audio Element M - First impression

    Hi, I have received Matrix Audio Element M today and spent the whole afternoon and evening with it, I think I'd share some of my thought here maybe helpful for someone who are interested in the Element series It is my first impression of the product, and I will continue to add more while I'm...
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    Multi-channel DSD playback

    Hi guys, in my collection I have a few multi-channel DSD albums, when I play from Audirvana looks like it’s been down sampled to 2 channels. My question is how to play multi-channel DSD in bit-perfect way (I have 5.1 setup)? Most DACs seem to only support 2 channels. Maybe an AV receiver is...
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    Experience and review of Hilidac Beam 2/2S

    Hi Hilidac released a new version of Beam (which didn’t get a good review here). On paper the spec of versions 2 looks fantastic, and it is one of the very few portal DACs that supports MQA. Recently they released version 2S with 4.4mm balanced output, not sure what changed inside. Anybody has...
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    USB output need to be cleaned?

    Pro-ject has an interesting product Stream Box S2 Ultra which is essentially rpi with Volumio with “audio optimised” usb output: Interesting they claim the usb output can also help to clean the USB noise PC (so basically you can...
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    Any experience with cocktail audio products?

    Looking for a streamer and come across this: It’s in similar price range as matrix element series but with much more functionalities. I couldn’t seem to find any useful review on the product though.
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    How does bluetooth headphones compare to HIFI headphones?

    Hi, I currently own the B&O H8i bluetooth headphone. I've compared it to other popular BT ANR headphones such as SONY WH-1000XM4 and there is no big difference in sound quality. In general I'm happy with the headphone, but one thing that drives me crazy is the constant background electrical...
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    Experience with an external USB Blu-ray drive as CD transport?

    I'm moving from CDs to streaming so I sold my conventional CD player and are looking for a DAC/streamer for music playback. I have around 200 CDs and occasionally I might want to play them. My plan is to play them through the DAC via USB connection to my HTPC which connects to a USB 3 blu-ray...
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    Should I buy DAC or Streamer?

    Hi, After trying Tidal for a few weeks I sold my CD-player (audioaero prima) and now start to think which source to get for Tidal streaming and dsd/flac playback. I own a fairly old HIFI system with a pair of B&W 804S driven by Krell integrated amp, the setup is probably not as good as today so...
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