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    There's a use for paper sleeves after all. Took me a while to realize

    I hate paper sleeves as liners and I had purchased some plastic sleeves so everytime I played a record, I would toss out the paper sleeve and use the plastic sleeve instead..until.. I pulled out Supertramp "Even In The Quietest moments on the A&M label. There sleeves were paper but had a plastic...
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    Recent Music Score

    All these for $15 Cdn taxes in at the Sally Ann
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    I did the unthinkable.. purchased a soundbar

    Now before you jump all over me, I bought this sound bar for the purpose of using it in my cottage ( a 31 foot long travel trailer ) so I have something to do on those rainy days/nights or when the mosquitos are too bad to enjoy the outside. I wanted better sound than what the display that...
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    3db's Great Room Setup

    This system has seen alot of changes from a speaker perspective as I continue to collect PSB's Century line up of speakers. Here's a history starting with PSB 400. The surrounds are in-ceiling..not as good as having them closer to the listener position but its better than not having them at...
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    PSB's old Century line up

    I must say that entire line up of speakers as old as they are continue to impress me. I finally connected a pair of Century 800i speakers into my second system and I'm seriously blown away with their sound. The mids and highs that PSB is so good at reproducing remains unchanged but the bottom...
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    Are there any reviews for sound bars

    The reason I ask is Im thinking of putting a 5.1 into my travel trailer which is more of a cottage than trailer. Im thinking about a JBL2GBAR51IMBLKAM system.
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    Finally replaced by Yamaha RX-V1500 (pre hdmi)

    I finally swapped out the venerable 1500 with a Yamaha RX-V1075, almost identical to the RX-A1030. It greatly reduced the number of interconnects. Sounds great!!!
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    Bedroom setup almost completed

    My wife passed away from cancer Oct 15 this year after battling it for 3 months. While she was alive I promised not put up surround speakers at the head board. I'm trying to move forward with my life now so the first thing I did was to arrange the bedroom to my liking.. As you can see from the...
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    Need help placing dipole surround speakers

    I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this thread.. I need help now on where on the wall to position a pair of PSB dipole speakers I bought used for $30. As you can see from the picture, my setup is located on the left hand side of the room as shown below. The pics below shows...
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    Willie Dixon argueably the best blues song writer there was

    Im listening to the Chess Masters for Willie Dixon. He is by far my favourite blues song writer whose songs took Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Sonnyboy Williamson and many others to new heights. Without his music, I wonder if Led Zeppelin would have made it as big as they became. His impact on the...
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    I've heard lots of people really like this product and these are people without expensive record vacuum cleaning equipment. I wonder about the quality of this ...
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    Is there a place to post pics of our setups in this forum?

    If so, where? If not, can we get a thread started on this?
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    PSB Ambient II

    Does anyone have specs on the PSB Ambient II surround speakers. What series did they come from. I have a chance to pick up a pair for $50.
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    Some people have no morals

    Its bad enough when makers of cables and interconnects dupe people into taking their money but Ted Denney, major ahole is taking it to a whole another level of disgust.
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    Any PSB fans here?

    Hello. This is my first post on this forum. Im curious to know how people feel about PSB ?
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