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  1. Olli

    Subwoofers with Parametric EQ

    Ad 3: 4 subs in my (small - 4x 5x 3,3 m) room made a difference vs 2. Note that this is req‘ed, similar to something like antimode.
  2. Olli

    Rythmik L12 Subwoofer Review

    Shipping 2 F18s to Germany was 350 USD total.
  3. Olli

    Emotiva RMC-1 AV Processor Review

    Since you have not found time to set it up - Wouldn‘t that be a great opportunity to send it to Amir to get reviewed :)
  4. Olli

    Roon Music Player and Library Management Software Review

    Great to hear that you are enjoying Roon now as well! Can‘t wait for new hacks from you how to eg integrate Room Shaper with Roon?
  5. Olli

    Best bang for the buck subwoofer according to ASR

    They do ship to EU. Just write to them. I got F18s and F8s shipped to Germany, superb customer service.
  6. Olli

    Review and Measurements of Oppo UDP-205 UHD Player

    There are 2 other UHD players claiming to have an excellent audio section: Panasonic UB9004 und Pioneer LX-500. @amirm - any of these up for review in the near future?
  7. Olli

    JBL Synthesis AVR and Processor with Dirac

    Is it’s digital out a duplication of an analog out -> can you connect an external DAC for e.g. Channel 1+ 2/mains?
  8. Olli

    Neutral bookshelf speakers @ $2000?

    705 i is below 2 K...
  9. Olli

    Neutral bookshelf speakers @ $2000?

    You could also try JBL‘s 705 or 708 „i“.
  10. Olli

    Best bang for the buck subwoofer according to ASR

    Check this out:
  11. Olli

    Cheapest transparent DAC with optical?

    and what was up with the designer :-)
  12. Olli

    Cheapest transparent DAC with optical?
  13. Olli

    Basic Measurements of Spectral DMA 260

    I know, the DMA 180 does not have that issue. A friend has this one (230V) and it is absolutely hum-free.
  14. Olli

    Basic Measurements of Spectral DMA 260

    yes, It‘s a 230v version issue that sucks big time. I put it in another room and drilled a hole through the wall :-) no kidding.
  15. Olli

    DAC recommendation

    I think you are right. My Roon core is on a Mac, I remember that it did not work with my Linux based Audioserver (Audiostore Prestige, OS: Sonicorbiter/Nova)
  16. Olli

    Motu 624 Audio Interface Review

    Interesting. What HT setup do you have in mind? I was thinking about the same, but couln't find a processor with at least 20 digital outs that does Auro 3D, DTS and Atmos.
  17. Olli

    DAC recommendation

    Got you. So you need at least 6 Channels? You can connect 2 more DACs to the Adi 2 Pro, via SPDIF and/or AES. But that makes the package a bit expensive. I have a Benchmark DAC3/AHB2 for the mains (passive XO) and 4 cascaded (stereo) subs with the ADI 2 Pro. I also have a MOTO Ultralite MK4...
  18. Olli

    DAC recommendation

    Roon has a convolver to load the filters. You don’t need to load them into the DAC.
  19. Olli

    Built quality JBL 705 i speakers

    Another great bang for the buck at 800 USD/EUR seems to be the KEF R3. In my use case (wall mounting) the 705 should still do better - it’s front ported, whereas Revel and KEF are rear ported.
  20. Olli

    DAC recommendation

    RME ADI-2 Pro. 8 CH DAC with 4 analogue and 4 digital outputs. I am also using it with Audiolense in a 2.2 and a 2.4 setup.
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