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  1. Jerry Sobel

    Is there a difference between a usb 2.0 port and audio grade usb 2.0 port

    I cannot seem to fin out the answer to this when I search the internet and maybe that is because it’s a hyped up thing and not real. When I look at music servers some of the more expensive units tout having audio grade USB ports for better music playback. Is there really a measurable difference...
  2. Jerry Sobel

    What music servers do members use

    My music server just crashed because of a power failure. It runs Windows Home Server 2011 and some of the files got corrupted either when power went off or back on. I am not able to find a copy of the program as it was last supported about 5 years ago. So I need to get something that runs Roon...
  3. Jerry Sobel

    Subwoofer integration into home theater set up

    I am trying to integrate my 2 subwoofers into my home theater set up. I recently purchased a MiniDSP 8 channel set up and I have it all connected by XLR. I have 2 mains, a center, surround R/L and two subs. The dsp runs Dirac Live and I also have the bass management plug-in. I read a few...
  4. Jerry Sobel

    Where can I find the book value of my used gear

    As I go forth with my own personal ASR revolution/evolution and sell some of my overly hyped high end gear I need a resource for figuring out what my used gear is worth. Any recommendations? I have a pair of Pass Labs XA 100.5 mono blocks 100 watts per channel I want to sell. Also my Ayon S-5...
  5. Jerry Sobel

    Sibilance- the recording or my system

    i have wondered about the issue of sibilance for a long time because I'm very sensitive to it. Is it a recording issue or something in my system? I know that some recordings have it but what role does the gear play in possibly accentuating it?
  6. Jerry Sobel

    What is your favorite house curve

    Who uses DSP in their two channel or multichannel set up? How do you like to set up your house curve?
  7. Jerry Sobel

    Reducing Noise in Ethernet Cable

    If I am streaming music from my server over an Ethernet cable to my SoTM SMS Ultra do I have to worry about noise? If so, how do I reduce it?
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