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    Best DACs of 2018

    :) Turing Test - give the DACs a significant hurdle. :) iridium.
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    Best Tools for Hobby and Work

    Hello canoosa, You might mention something in your statement: The fix is simple: tighten to ~ 144 in-lb (I wouldn't go over 150 in-lb.....). Most people in the USA think in foot pounds, and therefore would not notice the inch pounds. I have seen quite a few things destroyed when people pull...
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    Major issues with Tesla Model 3

    "Model X, while in Autopilot mode, sped up to 71 mph in the seconds leading up to the crash." Fatal, burnt These autopilots need to learn how to spin-out the car to scrub off...
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    Citigroup Faces Criminal Charges in Australia: 3x Felon JPMorgan Is Said to be Cooperating

    Many years ago in the fairy tale [or is it fraudulent tale] land of USA, Bank of America bought many people's houses for $350 = a low price dac = an expensive dinner. The largest mortgage lender, Countrywide, held $2 TRillion of mortgages, and the market collapsed. USA government [greasy...
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    Major issues with Tesla Model 3

    Tesla Model 3 Teardown Reveals It’s Relatively Cheap To Produce Now, a German firm that specializes in vehicle teardowns has put a number out there. In fact, it was revealed that the materials and logistics involved in building the Model 3 add up to about $18,000. Labor costs were determined to...
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    Minimum orders = need less than 100, but minimum order is 1000 at an excellent price from supplier. Therefore, use up the excess on shipping other items.
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    After tens of thousands of pre-orders, 3D audio headphones startup Ossic disappears

    "A group of over 1,200 Facebook users have joined a recently-created page threatening a class action lawsuit against the team." They better have a ton of money to pay the lawyers; lawyers do not go after dry holes on a percentage [contingency] basis. Close to a perfect scam; nearly $6 million...
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    Best movie of the decade

    Brilliant, insightful, etc.: Best movie of the decade. iridium.
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    Speakers Playing "Big" when needed...

    I prefer Big & Beautiful TONE = 12" paper cones [or horns] over any cone that is aluminum, kevlar, titanium, etc. [beryllium driver in a horn is Excellent]. iridium.
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    Post a picture, a photograph, a drawing, a screenshot, words.

    After you "bumped into these two", did they block your car's cooling system; or did the wheel well tenderizers need a wash-down? iridium.
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    Female Vocals: Stunning Recordings You Love

    Great voice; might take me a decade to be able to pronounce her full name. iridium.
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    Which horn sounds better?

    People who use their electronic devices while driving should have these permanently attached to their skull. iridium.
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    Big Horn Speakers, Big Bass, All that Big Band Jazz ...

    I like the beginning where he is doing the routine maintenance. If anyone has a spare, and they want to dump-it; I have the place. iridium.
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    Short RCA Interconnects

    Just like World of Outlaws Sprint Cars iridium.
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    Short RCA Interconnects

    U-Turn: if these interconnects are making a U-Turn you need some length so as not to stress the connections of the cables and components. Stress = Breakage/Failure. iridium.
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    Neat new flash from Canon

    NOTICE that she has her lips in clamp mode in the first two photos, and she is smiling in the third. The flash might be great, but Marketing tricks do not impress me. iridium.
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    Amir's TODO thread

    Allergy season around the Puget Sound; trees are very active. iridium.
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    Women in audio

    Thank you for posting this. iridium.
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    Guitars walk me through the minefield

    One of my favorite examples of GREAT guitar handling: If that does not work go to YouTube & enter: Woodstock Johnny Winter Pick the one with 1.5 million views. Such a natural / no effort / pure joy. iridium.
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    Guitars walk me through the minefield

    My full quote is: "Guitars are ergonomically horrible. The guitar position standing versus sitting is totally different. This fixed many of the ergomomic problems: [insert the green guitar photo]" Your posted picture of the girl with bass; have her sit down to practice a few hours with that...
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