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  1. Alexanderc

    Anthem STR pre-amp Here’s a link to the Stereophile measurements of the STR Integrated Amp. I don’t know how to convert the measurements into SINAD, so someone else would have to help you interpret if you need it...
  2. Alexanderc

    Paradigm persona 9H

    I’ve heard several speakers from the persona line, but all at different times and locations. I thought the 9H at the Tampa show a couple of years ago sounded surprisingly good in that little room. I thought the 7Fs at this year’s (in the same size room but set up differently) did sound bright...
  3. Alexanderc

    Paradigm persona 9H

    I’m fairly certain the graphs from stereophile are NOT Paradigm Persona 9H but the Paradigm Prestige 95f (a $5000 USD speaker).
  4. Alexanderc

    Room size vs speaker size

    I searched the forum but can’t find an answer: is it true that speakers can be too big for a room? If so, how can one determine the appropriate size speaker for the room? I understand that positioning can be an issue with big speakers in a small room, but what about sound? I’m probably going to...
  5. Alexanderc

    TV Repair: some days you are unlucky...

    Have you all seen this guy? He’s got some more on topic videos, but the more recent ones are more entertaining.
  6. Alexanderc

    TV Repair: some days you are unlucky...

    I’m frustrated for you Amir. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad there is somewhere you can go to vent. I don’t know if this is the proper place for my story, but it’s about TV repair (a mod should feel free to delete this if it’s not appropriate). About 5 years ago I bought a new Vizio 55 inch TV. A...
  7. Alexanderc

    NAD C658 Streaming DAC Review

    I had been considering purchasing a c658. For me, it measures well enough and checks all the functionality boxes, but I’m concerned about the popping sounds (from not being able to lock on to an incoming signal?). Should one assume that this is the case on every single unit, or could it be poor...
  8. Alexanderc

    NAD C658 Streaming DAC Review

    That looks great if it works. With all the complaints and problems with the c658 (threads on several forums), I think I’d be inclined to go with an Anthem STR integrated over the M33 and buy a separate network streamer.
  9. Alexanderc

    Who's on Lock Down or Working from Home because of you know what?

    I’m at a big university trying to teach my classes online for the next two weeks. On the bright side, I can work from my home office where my stereo is.
  10. Alexanderc

    How much money do you have invested in thie "hobby?"

    I’ll give this a shot… Speakers $0 (3 way towers from a church’s electronic organ—when they got a new organ the old speakers were going to the landfill if nobody wanted them. I know nothing about them) “Integrated amp” c. $180 (an old AVR bought refurbished that got replaced in the living room)...
  11. Alexanderc

    Is classical music purely acoustic at live venues?

    I have been involved in concerts many, many times that use sound reinforcement. I would guess more with than without. Frequently this is done for the choir when performing large choral/orchestral works (the human voice is just not very loud). It almost always makes the sound worse. In the venue...
  12. Alexanderc

    Value of room correction?

    I like the idea of having the correction built in and, aside from AVRs, this NAD is the least expensive option I have seen. Compared to the Anthem STR and Lyngdorf equipment it seems like a bargain. In the end I may not go the “built in” route, but I appreciate everyone’s suggestions and will...
  13. Alexanderc

    Value of room correction?

    Thanks for the feedback! Not much debate on this topic it seems.
  14. Alexanderc

    Value of room correction?

    I’ve been looking at the differences between the NAD C368 integrated amplifier w/BluOS for $1450 USD and the NAD C658 preamp paired with the C268 amplifier for a combined $2550. The only significant difference I see between them (besides one being separates) is the C658 has Dirac room...
  15. Alexanderc

    SONCOZ SGD1 Audio DAC Review

    Hey all. I have searched through several threads looking for an answer to the, “is the ESS hump audible?” question, to no avail. Lots of people have asked and I’m wondering if someone who knows can give a reply for us non-engineers. Apologies if this has been discussed; I didn’t find the answer.
  16. Alexanderc

    Shootout - Superb Measuring cheap DAC against hi-end DAC - measuring tool - the "ears"

    A couple of questions and a short story…. Couldn’t speaker footers make a difference in the sound? I can imagine that the vibrations of the enclosure cold be altered causing either more or less interference with the sound waves that could be measurable. Also, couldn’t the change in speaker...
  17. Alexanderc

    Review and Measurements of Schiit Mani Phono Stage

    I bought one of these because I liked the combination of price and adjustability. My dad had a turntable when I was a kid but this is the first phono pre I’ve ever owned so it was a bit of a shot in the dark. I’ve been looking forward to this review and I’m glad the thing is decent since I’m...
  18. Alexanderc

    What are we listening to right now..

    Over the past few months I’ve been rediscovering a bunch of Telarc classical recordings I’ve owned for years but hadn’t listened to for a long time. Well recorded, and some really great performances. If you’re not a hardcore classical music fan, I would start here:
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