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  1. rebbiputzmaker

    Do experts shower?

    How do we clean connectors? Do we clean them? Do we have to clean them?
  2. rebbiputzmaker

    windows and audio drivers

    Thank you Thomas, My point is not necessarily about the testing, but the general circumstance of driver install difficulty. It seems rather unlikely that any manufacturer would provide a driver that cannot be installed. These situations usually come about due to OS settings or problems/damage...
  3. rebbiputzmaker

    Questions: Good audio practice.

    These questions stem from a comment in another thread regarding a DAC hooked directly to a computer and on reboot, there was an audible surge sent to a connected transducer. Do people really think it is good practice to configure a system this way, without manual volume/preamp etc? I never...
  4. rebbiputzmaker

    Do we hear what we measure? Do we measure what we hear?

    As we travel down this Noble Path of measurement to better understand the quality of our audio equipment, do we actually hear what we are measuring? Or measure what we hear? Being subjective seems to be frowned upon but, are we taking these measurements and then (maybe unwittingly) carrying...
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