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    Digital or Analog Lip-Sync device

    Hi I recently updated my TV system (for a bigger led screen), linked to my stereo hifi system. For a better sound, I've always been linking my Internet box directly (via its Optical output) to a dac (Topping D50) and my stereo amplifier. It's always been working fine before, but I now discover...
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    Best speakers for TV (stereo system) ?

    Hi!! I just did an upgrade of my TV with a 43" flat led screen. I've been using the optical output of my box for a long time now to feed an amplifier and a big pair of old floorstanding speakers, but I think it's a bit over the top, as we're usually sitting about 7 feet away of the screen. I...
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    3 way floor standing speakers with 8 inch driver

    Hi! How come there are very few home floorstanding speakers with 8" bass driver on the market? People don't like having these big coffins in their room? I am lucky to own a vintage pair of that type in very good shape (Audax kit from the 1980'). I got them from a guy in the neighborhood, he was...
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