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    Is there any way to test jitter using a pc line-in?

    Hi I recently built and new gaming pc and I swear something is up. With my odac/o2 combo music is sounding very slightly "out of tune" kind of like an incredibly subtle wow effect. I'm also getting split second almost subliminal "glitches". I did an RMAA test but that was basically identical to...
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    Ideal volume setting for an odac on Windows 10?

    Hi I was just wondering what would you say the ideal volume settings is for an odac on Windows 10? JDS labs suggests slightly under 100% but how far under? 98? 96? 90? What is the ideal balance between overhead and dynamic range? (I'm currently using 96%) Thanks.
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    JDS Atom alternative in Europe?

    I was thinking about getting a JDS Atom and a Khadas tone board as an upgrade from my tried and true ODac+O2 combo unit. Unfortunately once you factor in around $40 for international shipping and very likely monstrous import tax the Atom loses much of its budget appeal. What are the...
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