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    USB to SPDIF Converter - D10 vs others

    I'd like to get a USB to COAX SPDIF converter for my new active monitor setup. A Topping D10 seems to be the cheapest option, with the Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 being much more expensive, though measuring better as well. Would you consider improvement found with the Matrix Audio audible?
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    REW Filter Setting in PulseEffects

    Hi all, I'm new to REW and to using PulseEffects in linux. I'm having trouble figuring out how to map the REW filter settings to the PulseEffect Equalizer. PulseEffects has several options that I'm not sure how to set...I assume the Filter Type is "Bell"...but I'm not sure of the Modes or...
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    Topping Quality Issues?

    I'm contemplating a Topping D50, my impression is that they have some quality that correct?...An Aune X8 looks interesting and is in the same price range...would that be a better choice? Thanks..
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