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    cheap way to bluetooth enable my dac that wont ruin quality

    anybody have any experience with using those cheap CSR8675 bluetooth receivers from aliexpress to stream to a dac. Since they support optical out does this mean it will be my desktop dac that will do the decoding ? i.e does optical out always bypass the onbaord dac.? I dont really want...
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    gain vs power

    apologies if this is a dumb question - I was wondering is there a difference between the underlying power an amp puts out to drive headphones vs its gain . So say I am using a JDS Atom with 300ohm headphones, does it make a difference to the performance of the headphone if I am listening at...
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    Is topping NX4 the best desktop option sub $200?

    Looking for a desktop solution . Have ruled out modi 3 plus jds atom as after shipping they are pushing 250+. After the NX4 anything else worth considering?
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