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  1. Bombadil

    3 dead Sonos Ports

    No it's not a drinking song, just an FYI regarding my recent experience with the newish Sonos Port. I bought one, it never worked and was exchanged. I bought another for another system so I ended up with 2 new Ports :) About 3 months after purchase one of them died, just stopped working...
  2. Bombadil

    Is compression ever good if you have a system with sufficient headroom?

    Sonos has a menu for choosing the type of compression applied with 3 choices; automatic, no compression and compression. It includes this "Sonos presets the best audio compression for product Line-in." I'm thinking that the purpose of applying compression in general is to prevent distortion...
  3. Bombadil

    HDR playlist available on Spotify

    This may be old news but for me it has been very helpful in teaching me the difference between HDR tracks and compressed tracks. I have noted a lot of Dire Straits tracks on the playlist; I do not know if it has been "tailored" to my preferences or if it is generic. Just thought I'd pass on...
  4. Bombadil

    Amp angst: STR or 2 AHB2s?

    I'm looking to upgrade my stereo amp (Anthem MCA225) that pairs with my STR preamp. The matching STR power amp retails for 6K, lots of power (400/ch) and appears to have very good measurements (Audioholics...
  5. Bombadil

    Two channel setup for local sale Northern CA- no longer available.

    I had this setup in my bedroom to encourage me to ride my exercise bike. You can see how that worked out lol. All the items are in excellent condition, near new and with zero cosmetic issues. for sale individually or as a set if you wish o_O Parasound Halo P6 2.1 preamp 950 Anthem MCA 225...
  6. Bombadil


    I purchased this about 4 months ago from Audio Advisor; under factory warranty. Retails for 1500 plus tax. Works perfectly, looks new, I just have too much stuff and need to eliminate one system. Local sale only (95616); I do not have the original packaging. 950 cash only.
  7. Bombadil

    Please advise re headphone setup

    I've always preferred speakers to headphones but listening at higher volumes is not always marriage friendly so I'm looking into headphones. I've done some homework and open back, over the ear, wired phones seem to be best for SQ. My priority is of course SQ with comfort a close second. I...
  8. Bombadil

    Two streaming solutions. Audibly different?

    A 16 x 20 room, carpeted with light drapes. A pair of Revel 228be speakers driven by a McIntosh MC312 ss amp. Source 1: Tidal into Sonos Port via wireless connection, digital out to Anthem STR pre amp, ARC modified, balanced outs to amp Source 2: Tidal into Matrix Element X via wireless...
  9. Bombadil

    Dynaudio Excite 14s (non powered)

    The Excite 14s were B rated by Stereophile for what that's worth. Sound really good alone, better with sub(s). Local pickup only.
  10. Bombadil

    Are DACs important or not?

    I believe that Amir has stated that DACs are not all that important in the audio chain, yet there are dozens of reviews and countless pages written on their merits and weaknesses. Why would that be if all you need is a basic quality DAC in your system? I was going to add an AHB2 to my surround...
  11. Bombadil

    Tidal vs Qobuz on Audioholics

    Just saw a new article comparing the two services. author seems knowledgeable and objective but haven't read the article in detail. I was depressed to learn that my upper hearing limit will soon be measured in Hz rather than KHz...
  12. Bombadil

    Why put a crossover between your preamp and amp?

    I was reading a review of the Focal Spectral 40th floorstanders ( by Diego Estan) and was intrigued by the setup used by the reviewer. "I connected the 40ths to the 8-ohm output taps of my McIntosh Laboratory MC302 power amp. Upstream, I used a Bluesound Node streamer as a...
  13. Bombadil

    Upgrade help requested

    Greetings; hoping to obtain input from the gang on my upgrade choices. I have 3 systems (detailed below) and I'd like to improve the quality of two channel music reproduction in each. The sole source for all music is streaming currently from an iphone7plus using pandora/spotify/tidal. The...
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