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  1. pavuol

    Glass Sound Speaker (portable light&sound with Red Dot award)

    Interesting, for only $799. Or $1598 for stereo ;) Sony LSPX-S1 GLASS SOUND SPEAKER Red-dot award 2019
  2. pavuol

    You need specific wire construction in a power cable to cover full spectrum

    As this product was mentioned some times ago only in some replies, I think it "deserves" its own thread as well as your attention. Company: PS audio / product: PerfectWave power cables This range includes 3 types, ranging from "budget" to best (most expensive) - AC3, AC5 & AC12. Differences...
  3. pavuol

    Hello from the heart of Europe!

    As forums are usually very shy of how users look like (avatars usually being no help/hint either), I thought it is a good idea to make my part of duty so to add some warm human touch, so each of you can impersonate me better.
  4. pavuol

    Hardcore portable audiophile setup (Japan, 2x)

    Hopefully this is not a repost, some nice "portable" setups: #1 - pictures only - from reddit: #2 - text + video: Japan asks: do you even brick, bro?
  5. pavuol

    Market gap: "on-axis" speaker stands

    Learning here about how important it is for a listener to maintain his head as close as possible to "ideal" axis while critical listening, I wonder why still nobody manufactures "active" stands for domestic use of shelf speakers. Goal is simple, track listener's head position with a small cam...
  6. pavuol

    Your favourite "grower" songs

    Post some of your favourite "grower" songs. No boundaries (genre, era..) Artist - Title, at least, or better, Artist / Title / Album (year) + link to media Urban dictionary definition: grower (song) A song or piece of music that doesn't appeal to a person on first listen, but after a while...
  7. pavuol

    Male vocals

    Whan Amir says "jing", I say "jang". When Amir says "Venus", I say "Mars being smaller, it has something to offer too", what do you think? :) Amir says in "Female vocals" thread: So I think we can stick to this approach also in this thread. I suggest each of your post to include Artist /...
  8. pavuol

    Current state of mainstream music scene (Billie Eilish taken Grammys by storm..)

    I don't know how to put this short. I consider myself as open minded music enthusiast and although I don't keep pace with new pop artists/trends, from time to time I "give some of them chance". So was the case, when I have just read about Billie taking so many awards on Grammys. So I listened...
  9. pavuol


    1.) Euphonius, "reference" grade: Canon & Gigue in D Major, P. 37: Canon (Arr. H. Farberman for Percussion Ensemble) 2.) One of my favourite artists (Lo-fang), live 48min. set on KCRW. Percussionwise, very tasteful guy/musician, at 39:20, there is a showcase of his "non typical" gear :)...
  10. pavuol

    Reference "stereo" songs

    Post titles (your favourite or "just" quality/reference grade) that feature some clear "stereo" separation/effects. Any genre, era.. If possible, try to insert media in your posts. Hope I start with nice examples :) Keith Richards - Hate It When You Leave Eagles - One Of These Nights
  11. pavuol

    Specific/feature songs – topic: „subtle nuances”

    Thread title says it all, any quality suggestions welcomed, genre free. Benedicte Torget - Sleep Awhile Ok, from my personal point od view this starts like a “generic” song from some “hi-fi test” compilation (pardon), beatiful clean voice and a quality recording, but no emotions for me. What is...
  12. pavuol

    Specific/feature songs – topic: "3 guitars"

    I love songs featuring two guitars playing each in separate stereo channel. What is much harder to find (and sometimes also to notice when not doing concentrated listening), is an arrangement with three guitars (not counting the bass one). Two guitars playing separately to each stereo channel...
  13. pavuol

    Specific/feature songs – topic: "double drums"

    I'm looking for some quality examples of songs involving two drum sets, any decent suggestions will be appreciated :) Here are a few I found to have compatibility with my dual eardrums, hope you like them. Duran Duran - The Man Who Stole A Leopard (2011 live version) Ane Brun - These Days...
  14. pavuol

    Your social classification according to music genres you prefer (not to be taken too seriously ;)

    Don't know who is the author of this categorization, but I hope it is based on serious research ;)
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