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    BSS BLU dacs any good?

    I hope the BSS stuff gets tested soon! (being vocal about it might help :) )
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    Review and Measurements of Lyngdorf RoomPerfect EQ

    Very nice looking home system Amir. We want to see all that Levinson-stuff measured, you know that! But, maybe you do not want to take the risk of killing the resale values? ;) A comparison of the impulse response / energy time curve could be interesting to see as well. If something is changed...
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    Amir's TODO thread

    BSS soon then!
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    SMSL SU-8 Version 2 Balanced DAC

    Can someone explain why harmonic distortion sounds "warm" (if this is true)? Should it not sound brighter than without it? I mean distortions/sounds are added higher up in the frequency range so to speak, not lower down, right?
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    Show us your Cars

    MINI Cooper S JCW -06. (pics from when I imported it from Germany last summer)
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    My way (DIY JBL)

    The fans I have were some special model due to some special voltage, and they had no resistors in the package. But yes that could be a next step. But the noise is ok for me. I have added some damping inside the media bench.
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    Massdrop x Grace Design Standard Balanced DAC

    Interesting ”YES” reply from Massdrop on my comment here: User Replied&utm_source=SparkPost&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Discussion: User...
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    My way (DIY JBL)

    Here is a pic of my heatsinks: That whole thread is a good read for you. I am "bubbleboy76" there.
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    My way (DIY JBL)

    Yes they are too loud for domestic use. I have modded mine with Noctua fans and cpu-heatsinks on some hot parts. I can get you more details and pic later. Mine is still noisy, but much more silent than stock unit. I have seen larger mods done, with a large silent fan on top of the unit in an...
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    My way (DIY JBL)

    I will replace the Crown-amps driving my woofers with Hypex nCore DIY-amps. It will be 4 monoblocks with Hypex nc400, Hypex SMPS600, xlr-input, speakon-output, in Ghent Audio cases. Some special care of the heat from the SMPS will be taken. @pos is working on a solution of that for me :cool: The...
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    Review and Measurements of NAD M51 DAC and Digital Preamp

    If I remember correctly, Stereophile magazine measured this dac with spectacular good results. But maybe IMD distortion on lower levels was missed there?
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    Review and Measurements of Massdrop THX AAA 789 Amp

    Sold out directly, about 500 units sold today it seems. They are smoking hot!
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    Email notifications unreliable until Monday

    Ok. I want alerts on the webpage, but no emails, if possible.
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    Help me decide: Kali LP-6 vs JBL 306mkII

    Maybe you can arrange a youtube blind-test, and be a little more scientific? Shut off the screen, and see which you like best! But, if you want to do it by the book, then do it "double blind" with blindfold on your eyes as well (be careful to not cover ears). This is the audio science forum...
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    Email notifications unreliable until Monday

    I try to disable some email notifications in my user profile settings, but I still get loads of emails. Are the email settings working as they should?
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    Review and Measurements of Grace Design m900 DAC & Amp

    Did the tested unit have the latest firmware installed? (version 2.4 released 5/11/2018 on Grace website
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    BSS BLU dacs any good?

    I checked the backside of my unit now. It has a sticker saying Hardware: V1.5.
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    Review and Measurements of Grace Design m900 DAC & Amp

    Can’t wait to see the Massdrop Grace Balanced SDAC to be measured, when it ships in late May. I think that one is my next dac.
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    Review and Measurements of Neurochrome Modulus-286 Amp

    What about intermodulation distortion? Can you show it compared to hypex nc400?
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