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  1. DownUnderGazza

    Back into audio after retiring...(tl;dr Help!)

    Yes, so very much yes! My ‘bedroom’ system is: 1. Raspberry Pi3 running Volumio 2. SMSL SU-8 DAC, USB in, XLR out 3. JBL 305-mk-1active monitors I connect to it via The iOS app on my iPhone or iPad to play Web radio, Spotify Connect, AirPlay streaming or from my Mac Mini media server. BLISS!
  2. DownUnderGazza

    DMCA (copyright) take down notice from Sonarworks (edit, issue solved by Sonarworks)

    Scroll back a bit and you’ll see that SonarWorks are investigating
  3. DownUnderGazza

    JBL 305P MKii and Control 1 Pro Monitors Review

    @amirm, fantastic effort, amazing commitment to Audio Science, thank you for all that you do!
  4. DownUnderGazza

    XLR to RJ45 adaptors?

    Haha, my bad, I linked to the DMX version. I didn't realise that there were DMX, AES as well as XLR Mic level versions. These sort of things exist in the Pro Audio market, so was curious if anyone had any experience with single channel domestic versions rather than the Pro 4-channel versions...
  5. DownUnderGazza

    XLR to RJ45 adaptors?

    Explanation: I have a friend running Cat6 cabling through out his new home, I'm wondering about the quality impact of running XLR connections across the Cat6 from the Data Cabinet to a specific outlet.
  6. DownUnderGazza

    XLR to RJ45 adaptors?

    Hi there, Has anyone carried out any measurements of this sort of adaptor (or similar): TecNec DMX-3XF-CAT5 or CPoint XLRJ45-3M
  7. DownUnderGazza

    Looking for digital interface - USB and TOSlink inputs - AES3 output

    USB, Toslink and AES input with AES output with remote control? How about with DIRAC room correction thrown in?
  8. DownUnderGazza

    Mini-DSP only at 48 or 96 Khz ?

    What he said, and for the better!
  9. DownUnderGazza

    Master Index of Measurement Comparison Charts [Defunct]

    @pozz, commendations, what an amazing effort!
  10. DownUnderGazza

    The Audio Science Review Manifesto???

    I like where this is going. Now we may need (unless I missed it) a "Just arrived? Please start here..." thread that's pinned at the top and includes some of the other brilliant overviews and summary efforts of others, such as this one...
  11. DownUnderGazza

    Chinese JL Hood 1969 Class A amplifier off Aliexpress

    I must admit that for a cheap albeit lower power amp I’ve been intrigued by the JLH1969 amp designs and variants on Aliexpress. I have several high efficiency loudspeaker designs with benign impedance curves that would go well with something ’cute’... Would love to see how such amps stack up on...
  12. DownUnderGazza

    Confessions of a Wire Skeptic

    A wonderful example of everything that is well meaning but flawed in a series of sighted impressions wrapped in expectation biais, and why ASR is such a much needed and valuable antidote to the perils of subjectivism in the audio world...
  13. DownUnderGazza

    Confessions of a Wire Skeptic

    Sir, I’m sure you mean well, but I think you’ve ended up at the wrong forum...
  14. DownUnderGazza

    So closed box speakers are pretty much a dead?

    Sealed subs all the way! Apply a Linkwitz transform to both blend with room gain (@12dB/octave) and lower the Qtc towards 0.5 for critically damped (most accurate time profile) response. Er, provided the sub is designed to handle it of course. Check out the excellent research papers at...
  15. DownUnderGazza

    Do we need a high quality and expensive power cord?

    My 2c? Imitate the practises of the pros who record, mix and master your music, use the power cables that came with your gear! I have a storage bin of spare IEC 'jug cords' from all my pro gear. I do admit they tend to be a wee bit heavier duty than standard domestic ones, but I'd be horrified...
  16. DownUnderGazza

    Ethan Winer Builds a Wire Null Tester

    Completely lost the context for this in the overall thread, but my thought was the "wife heard" comment was code for: "would you PLEASE stop your infernal mucking around already...!" As for the Wire Null Tester, I'm not sure I'm in the market for one, would be interested to know if it will ever...
  17. DownUnderGazza

    Newbie from France

  18. DownUnderGazza

    Amir Movie Review: Passengers

    Exactly why I (unashamedly) enjoyed the movie, the visuals and sound were a delightful bonus
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