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    Friend cranked up the volume on HD 600s with Atom amp on high gain

    Hello everyone, I have a question that's been slightly bothering me for no other reason than my obsessiveness. I had a friend over the other day and I was showing him my new headphones and amp, Sennheiser hd 600s and a JDS Labs Atom. We were playing a song on Spotify and I was telling him about...
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    Can a Fiio D3(Taishan) drive HD 600s via a JDS Labs Atom?

    So, I know the JDS Labs Atom is great, but would driving them through the cheap Fiio D3 degrade the sound I get on the HD 600s?
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    Questions about motherboard vs. a cheap DAC, double amping, and playing 48khz audio in 44.1khz "playback mode"

    Hello everyone, new member and a newbie in general here. I've been reading here a lot past couple of weeks or so and I've purchased a JDS Labs Atom to drive my HD 600s (which I have not received yet) because of the great review it's got here. I've done some more reading and concluded that it...
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