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  1. Doodski

    Are wireless headphones laggy and up to the standards like Sennheiser 650?

    Interested to know what peeps have experienced using wireless headphones in the terms of laggyness and sound quality. I use my wired Sennheiser HD598SR for first person shooters, music and movies. Lag to me can't be tolerated due to the nature of first person shooter games and watching movies.
  2. Doodski

    Mistakenly listening to 2 audio tracks at the same time and enjoying it.

    I use the PC for music listening. Sometimes I have lots of Youtube windows opened and mistakenly there are 2 or 3 songs playing and it actually seems pretty good sounding for a couple of minutes till I clue in something is amiss. Really makes one wonder about distortion and what is perceivable.
  3. Doodski

    Anybody OP amp rolling?

    There are many products touting OP amp rolling capability. Anybody doing it? Is it snake oil?
  4. Doodski

    What visual magnification devices are you using and where can they be found or purchased?

    I had a private message from a ASR member requesting details on where a good visual magnification device can be found. Rather than post the reply privately I made this post for public viewing. They are sometimes difficult to find. Search for, "loupe." I've seen scientific supply websites sell...
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