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    About headphone distortion graphs and audibility

    Since the past months I've noticed a few reviews/impressions go on how they can hear the 1% ER4XR and other headphones when all graphs are done at 90 to 105db?. But i noticed they can't even detect the 2% the HD600 has in the low frequencies or even on any grado headphone which can reach even...
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    Etymotic versus audiophila

    After my time trying the ER4PT i found cheap on ebay and enjoying it so much that i upgraded to the ER4SR because it died. I really love how objective the company is in there approach to sound in a way, that allot the hate is from audiophiles who don't like there subjective views questioned.
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    THD: The Headphone Dialogue, Ep. 5 - The IEM Edition

    Just found this on Reddit i don't have time to fully watch it but i can already can tell i disagree hard with some things said in this podcast, mainly the etymotic bit.
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