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    What you need to know about the virus in China "2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)"

    --- PRC govt officials statements = BS --- HKSAR govt officials statements = BS --- Read local news / notes from experts / professional groups instead --- HKSAR Govt is doing LESS than that of 2003 SARS --- Highly contagious, very efficient --- Likely an airborne disease...
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    Claude Cellier - Trust your ears! The quest for the optimum (digital) audio representation

    Make sure you check out the other videos in this channel as well !
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    [HK] 1.03M Protesters on streets last week

    What happened last week, 1.03M Protesters on streets. I spent 7 hrs to finish a walk that usually takes 60 minuets. If you have any business in/with HK, you should read. P.S. BTW, many...
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    Need Recommendation on Tube Headphone Amp

    Got any designs / kits / projects that sounds good / have high performance? Share with us :)
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    Review Request - sE Electronic DM1 "Dynamite" In-line Mic. Pre.

    Has anyone got hands on this already? :)
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    On Calibrating Pictures in A/V System

    I've had this question in mind for some years. I figure this might just be a perfect place with all kinds of experts around! I've been playing around with color management on PC, editing photos and dealing with designer on an armature level, so my focus was primarily on editing and pre-press...
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    Section / Sub-forum for Color Science

    Not sure if anyone shares the same idea, wonder if it'd be too much to ask for a small section about Color Management and Science :facepalm:
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